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Proverbial Pinata

I send this message as an apology to all Novice and Intermediate Players. I would like to apologize for the following:

  1. I am sorry for trouncing you in PvP battles. Its not your fault.

  2. I am sorry I have been matched against you. If I had my druthers I would battle my peers. However, thus is not possible. It is not your fault.

  3. I am sorry I will continue to do this for the entire season as it is not possible for me to ascend to an appropriate league. Even with a 90% victory rate I continue to fall on the leaderboard. This is also not your fault.

  4. I am sorry for being unable to clearly express my derision for this event. Forum rules restrict most words and phrases I would use to describe it, This is also not your fault.

  5. I am sorry we are all stuck in the same trap. It not fun for either of us. This is not your fault.

Since those responsible for this event are unwilling to acknowledge failure, I offer myself as the proverbial pinata. Please blame me. I am Sorry.


Well one thing for sure I have never seen that many post inna short time about the same issue.

I hope they understand and fix it asap

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I found two further significant bugs today.

  1. The required heroes for the hero specific rooms continues to fluctuate. After altering my party to include the corresponding heroes required for entry to secret room, I re-enter the challenge only to discover it now has secret rooms requiring characters I have just removed from my party. This change was not included in the update notes.

  2. In challenge mode many hits are not being recorded. The graphics and sound indicate a hit but the opponents remain undamaged.

Due to the multitude and complexity of bugs and issues with the recent update and I hereby rescind my offer to serve as the Proverbial Pinata. Someone else will need to absorb the hits for this fiasco.

I will proudly hold the banner of the Proverbial Pinata. I desire the war to be won. Let not the Ludia team be distracted in their battle to dominate form and function. I will charge forward and take the onslaught of blame!

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I agree, it wasn’t any fun killing level 10-12 teams for 10 points

I wouldn’t mind it fir a spell :wink:

Trouncing the lower level teams that is