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Provide other ways to get bosses

Ludia can you please provide other ways to get the bosses. I don’t mean by spending money either. I stopped playing Pokemon Go because I have autism and the social side of the game was causing me issues and was not playable. I originally loved your game because it gave you the ability to either be social or not and you could enjoy the game either way. Then you went and ruined it by forcing people to be social if they want to get all the creatures.
There should be other ways to get the bosses in my opinion and I am sure a lot will disagree. The other thought I had if you must keep the raid battles is to allow people to use BOTs as their partners so you can still play by yourself.


ye this same problem i face with bosses.

I’m sorry that you suffer from autism, I hope you get better

In terms for the bosses, I agree to some capactiy. Atleast the uniques should be allowed to provide the method you stated. The Apex’s altho have to be a group effort

Perhaps solo raid battles?


The idea was given in the past that you do raids using 4 of your own creatures by yourself.

Great idea except that almost no one would raid together any more. This lack of ability to communicate is a raid killer as it is and you go into raids hoping others will kind of know what they are doing and have the right creatures.

Me and my wife have 2 accounts each so I raid alone playing all 4 accounts but I also do raids with my alliance members to help them get some DNA they want. I figure out the most 3 necessary creatures and then my alliance members will use what ever they think is best and I pull them through. They usually pick good ones though.


I like the idea of bringing your own 4 creatures. It may reduce people raiding together but it could still happen. I know that I don’t always have 4 of the best creatures to go into a raid so having a group of people can still be a benefit as each can bring their best to the raid.

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Raids alone and Ludia, not all of us have the possibility to fight with other people and we are losing advantage when it comes to getting DNA because we do not receive invitations or we do not have someone to play with and as the best players have the Apex to the maximum no longer they will participate in the raids of Mortem Rex, Hadros and Ceramagnus, that’s a problem for other people, that’s why solo raids are necessary.


Bizarrely, one of the ads for JWA has a dartable Gorgotrebex, and it’s a video ad not a playable demo ad.

It makes me wonder if this is already a feature that has to be turned off for the Apex bosses, or if there will be an Apex darting event in the future.

Just ludias horrid advertising i think. When apexes were being introduced they showed mortem as a dartable, another ad had lvl 30s in a legendary raid as well as a unique, etc. So I just hope its another one of their weird ads as I would be very worried if darting apexes ever becomes a thing

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I wouldn’t mind it if it was a one time thing :rofl:

I can understand that the amount of together raids will decrease but it also provides people who can’t raid with team members.
The alliance I’m with is in a different time zone. I cant raid while at work and when they want to raid I’m sleeping. (6-8 hour time difference)
The game is not so popular in my country so that’s makes it quite hard to find a suitable alliance.

I think the game needs a single player raid option where the player can control all 4 creatures.
For balancing Ludia can half the rewards for a single player raid. That way Alliance raids are still interesting but people without an alliance can still profit from small rewards and can unlock the boss creatures with a bit more time.


I like the idea of playing against bosses with one account controlling 4 creatures.

For now, the single player option is to have 4 accounts and play them all. I can beat all the rare, epic, legendary and unique bosses. I did all 4 today. The Scorpius one is the only one that isn’t down to a science and depends on the bosses and minions first moves. If I get past that, I can usually beat it unless I screw up with the moves.

Just so you know what playing four accounts looks like to raid. I had to take a picture with an old, old out of commission old phone.

Me inviting mine and my wife’s two accounts:
Me playing all four accounts:
Me taking down the Rex Boss:
Me winning: