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Prowls cleanse does nothing

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Bug Description: Prowl should cleanse distraction and slow. It doesn’t. Nor does a cleanse stage occur in animation.

Area is was found in: while playing skill tournament.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- get slowed or distracted
Step 2 - try to cleanse with Prowl.

How often does it happen: there is no cleanse animation so probably always.

What type of device are you using: android Honor 10.

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
After pounce and prowl. Red distraction.

After slow and Prowl. Still red slow.


Thanks for reporting this, @David_Courtney. I’ve let our team know, and they’ll look into it soon.


I think it doesn’t cleanse bleeding either.

Here is a video of it working on Smilodon but not Marsupial Lion.

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I versed a smilachephalasaurus and deliberate prowl does not cleanse either but it says it does it is weird

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The distraction does not go away

Deliberate Prowl doesn’t cleanse but Prowl seems to cleanse

Deliberate Prowl does not cleanse.
Tested on slow, distraction and bleedig

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But the cleanse does not do anything

That’s for deliberate prowl, not the priority one

No for both the priority one says it dpes but does not

Yeah, that lack of cleanse costed me a game with Smiloceph. Had that in the bag too, and was annoyed that Debilitating Prowl was bugged in that regard. Add that to the list of bugs, please

I may have versed you

Smiliceph 16 boosted a lot???

Mines level 20. Id level it further if it was a safe investment