PSA: 26 indo survives

A cloaked rampage from a 20 indom:

Did it always?


whats the hp? and it was a cloaked apr?

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3792 damage without a crit.

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Just did some calculate.
Before ver.1.5, lv20 I-rex deal 3582 damage with cloak-rampage, when I-raptor got 3750 hp.

Now lv20 I-rex deal 3782 damage, and I-raptor got 3900 hp.

So yes, lv20 I-rex never able to 1 hit kill lv26 I-raptor, if critical doesn’t happened.

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Was gunna say pretty sure 26 vs 20 never killed indo lol

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I make choices based on info like this. Thanks for sharing. This is exactly the scenario that pushed me to get Allo up to 23 pre 1.5. No crit, just like this, of course.

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My pleasure :slight_smile: same!