PSA for the Gorgotrebex/Ceramagnus raids

If you’re running a strat without Indo Gen 2, Irritator, Trystronix, or anything that has Mutual Fury, RTC or Group Takedown/Group Ferocity/whatever, whoever’s running the Touramoloch MUST USE GROUP HEAL OR SUPERIORITY STRIKE AT THE START OF EVERY ROUND TO CLEANSE THE INSTANT GROUP DISTRACTION

That is all

PS, and for obvious reasons, the Touramoloch should always be the fastest creature on the raid team.


Actually if you built your strat right the team buff should cleanse that distraction, leaving Tuo free to do whatever

…That’s why I said if people aren’t running the strats with creatures who can use attack buffing abilities, whoever has the Toura needs to use Group Heal or SS.


Wow, I can’t believe I misread that

:joy: It’s all good