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PSA: Merrimack Valley Tragedy


At some point today, there have been numerous explosions going on in Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover, MA, all stemming from the Columbia Gas Lines.

I hope everyone is okay. We’re here to support you guys!


When did that happen


It happened yesterday.


Oh, I didn’t hear about it


I’ve decided to rename the thread “Merrimack Valley Tragedy” from “Columbia Gas Explosions”, with the news providing some more details. There has been one death, a teen boy who had just obtained his driver’s license. He had just arrived at a friend’s house when the explosion occured, taking his life. My condolences to his family.

Everyone within the three cities along the valley have been evacuated, and they’re saying it could be weeks before anyone can return home. The explosions were caused by large amounts of pressurization within the pipelines, which resulted in the numerous explosions. Eversource appears to be taking over.

I’d like this thread to become recognized so this community to lend its support to those affected.




And this is why I live in an apartment


An apartment would still catch on fire if that happened to it.


Yeah, but my family always checks the apartment before leaving to work while I’m in college


What is this, the associated press?


It’s people talking about a tragedy that happened way too close to home for comfort.