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PSA needed of when packs contain Revenue Towers

So I faintly recall premium packs that give you revenue towers costing $5-$15, however I am currently on the lookout for when they will be made available again for purchase. I want to get more for Isla Sorna (or Nublar if I switch the islands that my Beacon is on IF/WHEN Ludia adds more tile expansions to Isla Sorna).

So it you see these packs being offered, please let me know! Thanks from your friendly Bae<3

No, nothing will change my mind about buying them, no they are not for code 19s, no they are not for “getting more coins.”

I want them for easier coin collection and for park consistency across Isla Sorna.


While the idea is nice, I rarely use my revenue towers anymore. I’m almost alway at max coins and pulling that many Dino’s at once is a waste. Now I actually see Dino’s as coin banks. I group them by max time. I pull 30min first and based on the time of day and needs, others. I try to have them all charged up every morning. The longer running ones are almost nicer as they hold more coins,

I guess what I’m saying is that in time, you may not use more towers anyway.

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I believe those packs are more like $40-50 but I will keep an eye out and try to remember to say something when I see them.

I still use all of my current revenue towers (5), if I had additional ones I might use them occasionally, but since I have limited the amount of creatures out in the park due to Code-19 rewards, all of my creatures are covered by the badge beacon if I really go on a spending spree and need to collect more coins.


Uh no, I want more towers.

I am max level with every possible expansion unlocked on isla sorna.

I already bring in close to 70 mil coins every 12 hours and my park is set up for my personalized efficiency.

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Sure, we all have different priorities in the game.

My park fully charged is about 300m coins, so I can do all 3 coins to Dino trades in one sitting during a discount window.

You can always move towers around. They reset every 10min.

I just move the beacon as it covers the whole island. I keep a spot with a decoration where i want to place the beacon. You easily do that with the tower.

1 island is all the slow earners. The other has the towers arranged to collect it in 4 groups.

I know, but I don’t want to. I’d rather have more towers for a bigger area.

My beacon already covers Isla Nublar as it is almost max level. I want more towers for Isla Sorna for when more tile unlocks happen (aka level cap is raised).

If your of the mindset of having all your dinos out, then I can see a need for more towers, but if your trying to max code 19, you should be putting all the common and nearly all the rares away in asset repository. I think all commons max out at 5sdna. Only a few of the rares might max out a 8sda. The way i have it setup, I really only need 4 towers.

I have about 150 observatory’s out so i dont have to collect coins as often. Makes it easier when I want to buy fossils. I pickup about 120 and then spend 2x max coins on fossils. Then I am good for about 2 weeks.

Which is exactly what I am going for.

Nope I don’t do code 19s.

Sell these. The lowest coin producing dino produces far more coins than any of the buildings.

This is my Isla Sorna:

It produces far more than enough coins.

I want more revenue towers to make collecting it easier, thus spanning my entire island.

All I want here is for people to notify me if they come across a pack with a revenue tower, OR for ludia to put the pack back into rotation, so this way I can buy some more.

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People play for different reasons. My dinos clear about 5 max coins a day. It’s a hassle just to get rid of them. So generating more coins is of zero value to me. But to you it means something, or you just like the looks of it with park layout.

I value the sdna and the free dna from the code 19’s. Not doing code 19 is missing out on about 4000 dna a day. Yeah, its not that much, but when the dinos i am hatching cost 40-70k dna, every bit helps.

Good luck with your hunt. I am wondering if you can actually have more than 5 towers? I remember there there where packs that had them. But maybe it was the game selling you something they later gave you for free. I have had my 5 for more that 3 years and i dont remember an offer popping up to get more.

Does anyone have more than 5 towers?

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Why you need that? I trade all of them , useless things.

I’m always doing code 19s but I leave some of the low earners out aswell, I find the hard earners besides carnivores near impossible to perfect with the sliders, it’s so sensitive and doesnt make sense a lot of the time, you can be a millimetre off and hit one on one day and then the next you’ve missed it doing exactly the same thing, very frustrating.

It’s why I’m aiming to have a better coin producing park than one tailored to high dna earners for code 19s. Would love to perfect code 19s as that is an extra 3k to 5k in dna per day but I’m feeling less hopeful about them as practice makes perfect doesnt seem to work with them.

i can see if your only playing on a small phone it would be really hard. I struggle with the code 19’s on my iphone and it has the largest screen! So I generally do all my code 19’s on my ipad and its so much easier with the much larger screen.

my advice on the sliders, is to tap in the corner of the screen and don’t move your finger to follow the slider. It registers any touch on the screen so you just have to focus on the timing. I might miss on 1 or 2, but its still a 10 sdna and a good dna score. The only time I fail is if game glitches or drops out during the code 19.

Yeah that’s usually where I tap with the sliders so I’m able to see the bar more clearly, I’m finding the C tracers being more sensitive now whereas before they were quite easy, still worth doing code 19s though I’m guaranteed to get a couple perfect scores per day.

Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder??

Just because you find no use in it doesn’t mean I don’t aswell.

If your referring to why I have 150 observatory’s, they are just fill fodder. Yes dinos earn more. I have about 90 dinos in storage. I could easily replace the observatory’s with them and earn 20x as much coin.

There are 3 reasons I don’t have them out.
1: I already generate 500,000,000+ Coins a day. It’s a hassle to get rid of that many coins. So why would I want more? As non vip, I dump them in mods, if I were vip, I might dump them in custom trades.

2: if I put all the dinos out, then it will be a hassle to collect coins. Most dinos have a short time till they reach max coins. Observatory take 18 hours. So I only need to collect them 2x a day. Very easily done by moving the beacon. With all dinos out, I probably would need another 2 or 3 towers.

3: the most important reason. Code 19’s. Those 90 dinos dont generate more than 5 sdna in code 19. Even at max paddock, they generate less than 250 dna. By having them in storage, the game will select the dinos that generate 8–10 sdna and 250-850 dna code 19’s. Since only get 6, might as well get the most out of them!

So it’s not a how the park looks thing, it’s maximizing scarce resources. Sdna and dna are harder to get than coins.

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Time to go spend that money @OstaposaurusBae


Me 5 mins ago:


Me right now:

Batt about to die so ill show pack rewards later.

But big thanks @Sionsith


But wait.

@Sionsith’s screehshots show $50… :eyes:

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Me three posts later…