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PSA: Players complaining about AR stuff


Let me preface:
I’m not talking about any bugs/glitches which are obviously unintended and will hopefully be fixed soon.

Although I sympathise with people who have
“Little to no supply drops where they live”
“Unable to travel out and gather Dino’s whether it’s disability, lifestyle or location”

Understand that you’re playing a AR game which has certain barriers to entry and requirements to play.
Of all the games you can to play you’ve chosen one that isn’t suited for you.

Ludia can’t sift through every player on a case by case basis and personally give them 10 supply drops right on their house so they can play like the rest of us.
Nor should they check every ‘prob thousands’ of spoofers for their seemingly justified reason and make exceptions.

To conclude. I’m sorry if your town has only one supply drop, hopefully future advancements in game design will help you out, till then there are a billion other games you can play.


How does this work for gamers who use to have more dinos and supply drops in their area? Since the update it’s been awful. This is the only game I liked enough to spend money on. If this continues I may find something which is a shame. Its been a lot of fun


How could you have had more before update the spawn rate is increased massively since the update but hey if it’s not playable in your area feel free to play Jurassic world evolution on PC basically this game without the ar element