Psa: please don't use troop creatures in raids - ever!

troop/flock creatures can’t be healed by any means besides rally moves, but a troop/flock creature will almost always read having lower hp than everything else. When you have a healer in team (required for almost every raid), their heals will still target the troop/flock creature - but won’t do anything, wasting their heals and probably getting the team killed… If you use a troop/flock creature in a raid, you’re crippling the healer!!! Please just generally don’t use troop/flock creatures in raids at all, they’re not very strong for this purpose and will be a detriment to the team composition - thank you!
Accurate as of 5/25/22


Ok but what is a troop creature? A flock???

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Yes it’s a flock

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edited specifics :rofl:

Agreed… They’re only useful when dealing with fierce bosses that are epic or rare… At Legendaries and higher they sorta just clog up the place

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yep any raid will ahve some group attack and flock be dead they are fun in the blues and epics though :stuck_out_tongue: