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PSA: Scent Capsule Malfunction


Hi All,

I sent in a support ticket for this already but wanted to make the community aware in case it comes up. I had a rare scent capsule basically not work for me for about 12 minutes (so that’s 7 opportunities for spawns). I figured I had nothing to lose so i restarted the game and suddenly I got a spawn off of the scent capsule. From that moment forward my capsule worked normally with spawns every 2:00 minutes.

You should always get a spawn on the Rare and Epic capsule immediately, and then every 2 minutes (so 18:00 remaining is spawn number 2). If you happen to have this issue, I’d recommend force-closing and restarting the app for the time being. I’m sure it’ll get fixed as Ludia is pretty dang great at addressing issues, but I’m thinking nothing will be done for my own missed spawns and wanted to make sure others know to try a restart to hopefully not lose any spawns.

Scent Capsule problem

This has been a problem since their release and still no fix, or even a word from Ludia warning players not to use them. They probably won’t refund the ones lost either…


since their release two days ago, you mean? Yeah… i’d give a company more than 48 hours to identify and fix a bug. I’ve used 45 capsules so far and only seen this once.


You’ve used 45 already?? What


common capsules come in 5 packs and i dont hunt at night. Good way to get velo. i bought only a few rare and epic. ive used 45 total between all


Holy crap, dude! You’re a bloody genius! Why did I not think of that!?


Ha don’t get too excited. I bet it’s only a 10% or 15% chance to roll a velo, but heck of a lot better than my normal zero percent chance. :slight_smile: Gotta level that indoraptor and indominus somehow! :slight_smile:


How many of each can you get if you buy the sent capsules? Just wondering as the inventory says 2 each.


as many as you like. Seems to work like darts? You can always buy more than 140 darts in the store. But you can’t spin for more if that makes sense. Still not sure if I missed out on my daily spin for a capsule based on having a whole pile of them, but eh. I assume there will be more ways to get scent capsules eventually.


I love this, thank you for genius idea!


Hey dino hunters, take a look at the announcement here for more information on Scent Capsules: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Hotfixes Coming Soon (09/20/2018)
However, if you’re encountering any other issues, reach out to our support team here at with your support key and more information so they can investigate further.


So I bought an Epic Lure Capsule to get some epics, mainly pyroraptor. I went looking everywhere, yet I didn’t find anything until the very end. A pyroraptor appeared, and as soon as I clicked on it the message saying my Scent Capsule has run out popped up and I lost the pyroraptor.
Please, I spent so much time trying to get pyroraptor. I woulda had it but the scent glitched it out.