PSA: Strike Events Reset Trophies to 3000


According to the reddit, it seems that those that play/complete the Strike Tower event are being reset to 3000 trophies if they were above that number.

Kind of a big deal for those above 4000.

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This really sucks! I was in the 3800s and boom down to 3000 after playing the Strike Event. All of my money,time and effort just got flushed. Lidia please correct this matter as you have been very player friendly up to this point.


Send in a ticket and your ID number they will fix it.


Has this been confirmed anywhere?


They just made a forum post.


My Ign is NeoOnslaught1 #0611. What is this ticket that you’re referring to?


So, I was somewhere in the 3300 in the battle arena and now I’m down to the 3000. I haven’t even played all morning! The app just started working. What happened??? Also, I worked hard to get there! Getting to the last arena is difficult enough.

Anyone else have this problem


This is annoying, I just got reset from 3498 trophies to 3000.
You said players above 3500 would be reset to 3500. Some notice would have been nice so I wouldn’t have gone to bed 2 below 3500 and I didn’t get any one time reward.

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I was reset back to 3000 trophies from 3500+ and just wondering it said they said you get reward, has anyone been reset and has anyone got a reward


This is weird. I thought they weren’t resetting for a couple of weeks. I didn’t get reset nor did any of the friends on my list.


Hey Chase_m, contact our support team at with your support key and more information so they can take a closer look at your account for you.


Been reset from 3800 to 3000, what is happening?


Same here… Reset from 3925 to 3000 :smirk:
Was just so close to that 4000 mark!!


I just went from 4700+ to 3000 and sent in my ticket I so wanted to hit the 5000 mark before the reset in 2 weeks but not sure I can now.

Hopefully things get restored today as I will feel bad stomping lower level players and I want a challenge when battling others, not a free win spree.


Same here, been reset from 3800+ too 3000 and no gift not a happy bunny :neutral_face:


Ditto - was around 3600 and pushing for the new arena; strike events appear and trophies reset to 3000 :disappointed_relieved:


There’s a note from support on another thread saying contact them with your support key if you have been reset.


we all have to contact support? this has been downloaded like 5,000,000+ times. i feel like this should be automated or we arent going to get our trophies back for months.


Damn - lost my next battle too so now back to Lockdown :frowning:


Ya just what I thought I just rolled 4 players with my 22+ Dino’s due to this reset that was lame and unfair to them let’s hope we get our rank back quickly so I don’t stomp more lower level players just to keep my incubators rolling.