PSA - Thanksgiving slaughter?

Before you dig into Thanksgiving dinner, please consider that it was once a proud descendant of mighty thunder lizards before being unceremoniously butchered, stuffed, roasted, and set on tables everywhere.

Respect our modern dinosaurs. Eat a porcine mammal instead (unless your religious faith forbids it, in which case why not try beef?)

This message has been brought to you by the Dinosaur Protection Group, who remind you that yes, all birds are dinosaurs - no matter what you think.


And technically, the dinos in-game are immigrant refugees from Isla Nublar. So the “Pilgrims on the Mayflower” parallel works nicely - they came over on the Arcadia.

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What do you think the dino’s are going to eat at their first thanksgiving?

Whatever. They. Want. LOL

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An order of stegod butt, preferably whooped. A extra large fruit salad, some chips and salsa.

3,700 gallons of tea and coffee, some forum trolling… Man, I’m starting to run out of ideas!

An order of einiosuchus meta, a 20 DNA meta, and some weird new hybrids.