PSA: Too many paddocks/structures will cause constant game crashes

For the past few months I’ve been facing random crashes, and I thought it was because my iPhone 6 is just slowing down and couldn’t handle the load of the game sometimes.

However this morning I spent 4 hours renovating my park, adding a high amount of buildings and decorations to my new plots on the new island and instead of having irregular crashes, the crashing is now constant when my game launches, and I can’t get past the news screen.

This make me recall the paddock and structure limit, and how they were increased when the new island update was added. This means more structures, and thus more load on my phone which I have now reached the threshold on my park, and my phone.

I’m still working on ways I can get back into my park to store decorations and buildings to test my theory, but after my renovation my theory seems plausible.

I think Ludia should take a look at the structure limit, the load that the structures have (via animations and the likes), or at least have some sort of work around for older devices like my iPhone 6.

I’ll report back here with my findings.

How much free space memory wise is on your phone? Just curious as iOS can struggle when physical memory is full.

I only have 16 gigs, but have 2gb free. I’ve played since launch and have had less memory free but with no crashing problems.

This is definitely a structure load/limit problem.

I was able to get back into my park and deleted all my buildings. I found the VIP buildings to be the worst offenders, specifically the clubs.

My process:

  1. power saver mode
  2. Only JW running
  3. Hold 1 finger at top right of screen, hopefully on a structure/paddock. This will put you in the build mode and skip the daily/weekly news pop up.
  4. Wait a minute or two, not letting your device sleep, to let everything load in.
  5. Start selling/archiving buildings to reduce the amount of things to load when starting the game.

Currently I have no buildings and I can get in with no more instant crashing.