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PSA: you only have 1 go at the VIP event

Apparently my L35 Juggy wasnt enough. Proceed with caution.

And yes the boss events are forever ruined for me. This was the final straw. I want to sell all my bosses now. I’m done.


Damn, I think maybe I got lucky and only had about 5 carnivores, I had about 7k health left and finished off against 3 pterosaurs then an eryops and a einosaur, only got a quetz though mainly wanted the statue anyway.

:crossed_fingers: good luck for next time.


I was using Omega 09 at level 38 and pass the event without problems - with half of my health left. Most of my opponents were carnivores, but also had fair amount of amphibians…


Yeah the trick is to always have at least 3 defence no matter what, even if they attack high your not letting them get enough damage in to take you out. It’s a longer game when building reserve but always having 3 blocks guarantees the win.


There is no next time.

Legit had 1700 hp taken from me because Trex dumped 8 points into attack. It overpowered my 3 block. I had about 4 dinos left.

I’m so done with these awful events. Not even worth the SDNA anymore.


1,700 lp? Nope it’s only 30 bucks.


Thanks for the tip @Aether_12. I never did any of the boss events ever, given the negative feedback. But your tip helped me win the top prize so thanks again!

It took me 30 minutes to defeat the 30 opponents but it was worth it just for the Haast statue alone. Also got the same bird as you, Quetzalcoatlus lol


I also received 0 LPs. I already submitted a ticket to support

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Health left*


I knew what you meant, I think it was fury that got confused though lol

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The game is getting lame more and more.

Until 10 creatures left, it was no brainer as me spamming the attack except the herbs scattered around ramdomly.

Final bits were consisted of herbs mostly, so I acted a bit more careful as reserving slowly.

Anyways, no fun no nothing. Just have done it with curiousity as thinking the rewards might be satisfying, but nope, expected as always.

This game has some serious problems when it comes to being “user friendly”. If you are an hardcore grinder as I am, please be ready to get absolutely frustrated at the end of the day.

Even the long term games as this one, should be rewarding the users who are willing to spend much more times on it than the overall average, by creating a general satisfaction. But this game is a swamp with thick mud as more you struggle, more you go deeper. I can’t even laught at it. 'Cause it has already turned out to be a bad joke a long while ago.

VIP tourneys are another level of cringe as they offer the same old lame type of “rewards” (!) for every match you make, and forces you to feel “blessed” (!) after you finish in the dom table. I’m not feeling VIP, feeling like I’m donating to a noob developer with an application full of bugs in early stages of his programming career, on a monthly basis instead.

And no one, literally NO ONE, bothers at least to TRY to solve the well known errors, of which I put the “consecutive match making disability at tourneys”, on top.

This is supposed to go into VYF thread but hey, who cares? Even the developers don’t care their own game so why should I, plus as a paying member for over 10 months?

So sick and tired of this game and its “mocking” type of disrespectful assets lately and I’m so damn near to quit this time consuming, joy ending joke of a game, once and for all.

Oh, the creature was Aerotitan. What a surprise.


I think I understand why you’re frustrated. From what I’ve observed (I might be wrong) your experience with the game is getting worse by the day. Hence here’s a suggestion from my side, I think you should take a break partial or total from this game. Being a hardcore grinder this way will make you more and more frustrated by the game, when that happened to me I immediately took a break from it partially. That break is still going on, I am not sure if I will even return to become a hardcore grinder in JWtG again. But now that the break is taken my experience for JWtG is healing, and I think it could be the same or similar situation for your case as well. There is a chance I might be wrong with my assumption but just suggesting something that might make you feel better :slightly_smiling_face:


Same with me. I feel like omega is the best boss of this three and winning with him aspecially at level 40 is easy

I used Omega at lvl 38 and it was fairly easy
Sucks it was a 1 time shot because I’d love to collect some more eagles!


I’ve held off giving my opinion with regards to the game but I think it’s time for me to speak out. I’m older than most people that play the game (I’m over 50) and the only reason I play is for my youngest son who’s less than 10 and he loves the game. I myself love dinosaurs, having grown up with the original Land of the Lost TV series (the 70s version, not the Will Farell movie crap) and I absolutely adored the JP/JW movies (and novels as well).

While I do understand the frustration that comes with the game (and pls refer to my previous posts regarding my complaints with the game), in the end it’s just a game. If you’re not satisfied with how the game is developed, then you’re free to leave anytime. And you’re certainly entitled to cancel your VIP subscription.

We paying subscribers have all the right to “demand” changes to the game. Whether Ludia follows or listens to these requests, we’ll never know. But if they don’t, then it’s our choice to either cancel our subscription, continue to tolerate the situation, or leave the game entirely.

All I’m saying is that if you don’t like the game and it ceases to be fun for you (as all games should be), then don’t play it. Life is too short to do something you don’t wanna do. Especially with just a game. My two cents


Just to put it into further context. I’m bipolar. And this game has helped me deal with real issues that were overwhelming. But I realize that this is just a game. It has helped, but that’s all it is. A game that’s meant to be enjoyed. If I’m not having fun with it anymore, why would I continue to play it?


I see you both thanks. I’m at the verge of leaving it for good but there is only a simple answer to why I’m still in it while enjoying it very little or maybe none: 'Cause I have goals. The goals I’ve determined to get accomplished from the very first day. Collecting some of the high end creatures, fusing up to Indoraptors… They are still intact. But after each and every day, game seems to be rolling down the cliff even faster. If that well anticipated big discounts arrive, then I’ll get done as accomplishing my goals.

Don’t think I’m gonna be paying further for such a mess, after that. Unless some great improvements happen, like the stabilization, server quality and of course, resolving well known bugs. Which I don’t bet to be done.


I always do 4 reserve and 4 block until they have 2 unknowns at most, then I attack 3, block 1, and reserve 4. Until they can KO me with 3 hits or less, then I’ll block more carefully (usually block 5 and reserve the rest). That’s usually not until the last 2-4 guys though.


It’s time to become a casual grinder @Cagkan_Coskun for your own health sake. I can understand the frustration but at the end of the day you are expecting way too much of the game when you know in and out what this game provides us already, please dont take this as an attack though rather as a friend giving some advice, take some time off of the game as @Jurassic_Fury says.

While the great crash of the game (back in June I believe it was?) was terrible for all of us, it also gave me an insight of how I was playing the game at the time, or rather letting the game play me so to speak.

The great crash was actually one of the best updates IMO, because it showed me how much of my actual time I was investing in the game and how my whole life actually centred around it, and that wasnt healthy far from it.

I know it’s not what you want to hear but seriously take some time away from the game, hopefully it can change your perspective because carrying on in frustration will only make you leave the game in a form of hatred, which I know is not what you want, it hurts but sometimes we need to make great change before positives start to happen.

I’m no longer a slave to the game and I even skip PvE from time to time, not because the PvE is hard rather I just cant be bothered and will dedicate my time to other endeavours and not worry so much about perfecting everything.

I know you would love to change the game and want more things to be different but unfortunately that’s not how it works and we dont get to decide, this also relates to life aswell for me, I try to change my perspective to positive no matter how hard it may, lots of anger issues along with psychosis, anxiety and depression so I definitely dont need the frustration of a game added to the mix either.

Really though good luck on your journey brother whatever the path is that you decide to choose and just know that were all in this together here and were always here to chat and help out when we can :facepunch:


Thank you man, these are some real wise words. Good to feel your support. @Aether_12

I think I’ll do exactly as you say.

I won’t be around for quite a while, so please take care you all and know this brother of yours loves you. This isn’t a farewell, but rather a seclusion. You can always feel free to write me via private, that would be nice. :slight_smile:

I know I’ve been acting like a grumpy cat for a long time, and my rantings went sky high after the big crash. I’m also sorry if I was nothing but noise to the ears in the meanwhile.

Love you all dear comrades, peace out.

Engaging “dormancy state”. All systems shutting down.