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Psycho raptors looking for active players

Hi all

Psychoraptors are looking for active players to help out with our push in the tournament.

We are currently sitting at 59th on the leaderboard with 5 people still to do the tournament and 2 open spaces.

We are looking for players who haven’t done their tournament kills and are over 3k in pvp or very close to 3k.

Requirements are to be active, contribute to alliance missions, do your tournaments (minimum 10 kills but the more win the better) and be above 3k pvp.

We have a discord chat and usually achieve 9/10 on incubators every week.

Message me on here or send a request in game to join.

Thanks for reading.


We have 3 open spaces and currently sitting at 80k in the tournament so on course for 500k incubator.

Anyone who is still eligible for tournament please get in touch