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Psycho Stag (Hybrid Idea)

Ok, off the bat I know this would be a super difficult hybrid to make given that two components are exclusives. But man this thing could be so good because of it!



A quick sketch of how I imagine it:


Dig In
•*Decelerating Rampage
Nullifying Impact
Swap in Defense

~4500 HP
~1200 Attack
~126 Speed
~25% Armor
~5% Critical

The Valkyroceros is a peculiar creature sharing traits from multiple family groups. The amphibian and reptile dna allow it to withstand and heal from grievous injuries that would kill an ordinary mammal. The antlers and scutes have hardened considerably over genetic ancestors, which it uses to defend territory fiercely. The aggression of males towards encroachment is so noteworthy, it’s been aptly dubbed the “Pyscho Stag”

Notes: Like Geminititan, it has all moves available on round 1. This allows for a multitude of options on entry whether by swap in or normally. It can also cycle between its two heavier damage moves dealing with evaders without much difficulty. I imagine it as what Monostego could’ve been if it had loftier status. The design is based off Kirin from Monster Hunter, the Psycho Pony lol. I thought it fit so well I had to!

What do you guys think? Would you want Valkyroceros, even if it’d be absurdly hard to make?


Would be amazing to have a giant lizard with antlers and hooves.