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Pteranodon Dna

I haven’t gotten Pterano dna from arena incubators in over three months. Zero.

Is it just me, or is anyone else noticing this? Am I that unlucky? Lol
I pretty much always get Alanqa or Stygi dna.

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same. I haven’t gotten any epic DNA i actually need I just keep getting stygi and Alanqa and it’s super annoying, like I haven’t gotten rex DNA in like months, I didn’t even get any from the epic lostworld strikes

I wish ludia would change the arena rewards.


Just switch Alanqa for something else(NOT BARY) . I don’t mind the other epic dna, if I actually got it…

Or alanqu gets a unique

I think I’d be fine on dna if it got another hybrid. Lol

Now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve gotten any in a long time. I would say around 75% of my incubator rewards are Alanqa or Pachy. I don’t even see Stygi that often anymore…

In order I get Alan, Pachy, Stygi.

Absolutely no Pteranodon.

Ptera isn’t incubator exclusive, so you only have a 6.67% chance with it, but Alanqa, Pachy and Stygi are, so they have a 33.33% chance each

Its been three months since I last got it from an Arena incubator.

I would 100% donate some to you if I could!!


Nani, level 30 and boosted. Now I’m seeing things.


How you get all of that dna ?

I live in a hidden park. They haunt my Giga scents. Also the L4 I frequented when hunting for Grypo during the Nemys pursuit weeks is a hidden park so I got Ptera in pretty much any scent I ran. I also have a lvl 30 boosted Turtle because if it :rofl:.


Do you know anything about 9 supply drops within a small area?

you are probably unlucky. last time I found one was a few months. :frowning:

I live in an area with 9 supply drops and occasionally 10th one when it randomly moves.

I’m jealous. :rofl:

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I seriously wish I could give it away. I don’t even dart them anymore. I would happily trade Turtle and Ptera DNA for Elasmo right now. If Ptera gets another hybrid I’m set :rofl:

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