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Pteranodon Gen 2 Tournament 9/04/2020-9/07/2020

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s official - we have a Gen 2 with a different rarity from that of Gen 1.

With guaranteed bucks, food and DNA; the Pteranodon Gen 2 card pack boasts of the fancy new Tournament creature. Grab yours at the nearest Dominator league rank, starting Friday.

This, inevitably, leads players to wonder - will there be a Zalmoxes Gen 2? Will there also, be a Zalmonodon Gen 2? If yes, then will it dethrone Yudon and Pachygalosaurus as the strongest tournament hybrid? Time will tell.


I’m kinda glad for this- The Gen 1 Pteranodon has become underpowered overtime IMO, so it’s good to see it’s Gen 2 getting a boost over its counterpart.


I’m kinda wishing that T-Rex Gen 2 was a Tournament creature. Yes, T-Rex has to be accessible to all players, but still…

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Better than Darwinopterus


Going to miss this one. That’s a bummer


Brachiosaurus be like

But I just got here!!!


Be mindful that first run tournaments tend to have higher trophy counts than normal.
Ornithocheirus required 1569 trophies
Brachiosaurus required 1474 trophies
Indominus rex Gen 2 required 1456 trophies
Mosasaurus Gen 2 required 1477 trophies
Plesiosuchus required 1500 trophies, but lasted an additional 5 hours
While outliers, Dracorex reported scores as high as 1682 trophies and ran 5 additional hours.

Another thing to keep in mind, this is a three-day weekend in the US. Ludia often likes to extend tournaments to take advantage of that. The trophy requirement will probably increase with the time increase.

Edit: Since we’ve been analyzing tournament data, we’ve never gone over 1800 trophies although Metriaphodon and Archelon did come close last August


I can sense that tournament hybrid coming.


As long as it is an Amphibian glass cannon, ok.


This thing at max is just under Monostegotops Level 10 by a very little range,less than 50 ferocity under it. I know only one thing,that is I am going to max it,or 2 level 30s. I am naturally going to go with 1900 Trophies to secure this. In general I get 400 trophies during Friday when it first starts, Saturday is 900, Sunday I make it above 1300 as a natural thing and if Sionsith’s predictions require more,I go for higher. I will try to 600 during Friday, 1100 by Saturday, 1450 by Sunday and more based on predictions, 1900 by Monday

better at HP though…


I sometimes ask myself if the increasing appearance of Gen 2s is a sign that Ludia runs out of ideas.

I watched one of the latest videos from @Sionsith this morning…at work🤫…and he was asking himself (and us) what to do next in the game.

Ludia could do so much to make the game still challenging for experienced players like he is.

More focus on aquatics and cenoics would force us to change our (kind of boring) focus from only Jurassic to other aspects of the game.

Another class of animals…insects :honeybee:…could create a new dimension.

They could generate special events with more than 3 participants or more possible action points and so on.

And what comes from Ludia? Another Gen 2…not even a new creature, only a
new skin…impressive.


I can tell you really love the insect idea! Believe me, since I read that topic, I am intrigued too. In fact, imagine if the Insect building was on Sorna… that would be awesome, and also a tiny shoutout to Roland Tembo’s scene where he looks at the baby T-Rex for the first time amidst so many insects :mosquito:

Ludia, making Ptero Gen 2 : Hey look we changed the rarity at least like c’mon we deserve an Oscar for that effort :joy:


I wouldn’t say better personally
Sure it may have higher overall ferocity, but i think most of us prefer attack and (unless i’m crazy and remembering wrong) Darwinopterus has higher attack

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These tournament creatures are getting better and better. This gen 2 boi is better than a Tapejalosaurus in both health and attack.

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I still prefer the tapejalosaurus because incubation time…

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It’s going to have less DNA cost and faster cooldown.

Yes after 2 weeks…

This guy took too long to finish the evolution :anguished:

But he is here :grin:


I don’t understand the allure of insects…are we really interested in beetles and grasshoppers? C’mon man this is a dinosaur game, I think we have gone far enough off track inserting creatures that are millions of years away from the Jurassic period.