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Pteranodon is the creature of October

Found the hidden page


Cool I guess

Was really hoping for Gyrpo or Kentro or one of the new ones. Pterano is still ok.

Yes! This is the thing I wanted most!

My orion will appreciate this, since I can’t scent for ptera and I can’t grind it out in sanctuaries.


I mean, I guess… I don’t have enough Quetz DNA to take the hybrid all the way to 20, but that doesn’t mean that nobody’s got the Quetzorion. Good for those that do. I honestly wished it was Darwin if it was to be a flier, but I can’t be too picky since I need to collect more of her DNA anyway :pensive::upside_down_face:

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I’ve gotten a lot of quetz lately due to the hybrid pursuit and the zone switch. No where near enough to make and get pteraquetzal to 20, but it’s a start. I’m actually stuck because I can’t get any pteranodon from a reliable source.

Sweet. This is legit. My Quetzorion is 23 hopefully I can at least get it to 25. I’ll need more quetz but I’ve got a little stash from the hybrid pursuit.

I might just take October off. Absolute waste

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Perfect I can get my quetzorion to 29❤️

Was hoping for turtle, but oh well. I don’t really care about it or Quetz, but could have been worse.

oh boy… since it was just all over for the hybrid chase, and I have been in a nearby park every free moment looking for the turtle, I have a ton already. Plus my quetz should hit 30 this week.

at least it seems useful to others. The brachi was good for me. Was hoping for gryposuchus, I really want to get grypolyth up a couple levels.


Almost any creature will be good for me. Would’ve like kentro or rajasaur so i can make tryko and dio faster, but about 3000 pteranodon dna will get me through a lot of fuses for pteraquetzal.

Eh, I already have plenty of Pteranodon, even with the recent hybrid hunt it’s always Quetzal that I can’t seem to get enough of. Oh well. I can at least bring my daily missions down a little this month.

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Another long month. Need more Quetzal, not Pteranodon.


If only they made a creature of the month but for Rares. I need Quetzal more.


At least Quetzal is scentable and fairly common in L2. Ptera meanwhile, is a unicorn that can’t be scented, reliably hunted, or even requested.


I hope in the next update we can put birds in the sanctuary’s. I have enough Pteranodon’s but like many here, not enough quetzal’s. I might have enough Quetzals to get Pteraquetzal into 19, possibly hit 20 but definitely not enough to create quetzorion.

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I’m a little sceptical seeing as how it’s supposedly 19 days old, yet no where to be found in the announcement section.

If it is true…what ever I’m getting bored of the daily missions anyway.

Here is a list of what we had for creatures of the month. The green is creatures we had. The blue is ones we haven’t had yet.
For me personally, if it is Pteranodon, I will cut back on the daily’s this month… take a break. I have one’s I would like for creatures I’m working toward. If it was Grypo or Mono or even Rajas, I would keep going.

Aaah. I need to add the turtle and Allo G2.


I’m holding on to hope for Raj and if it doesn’t happen I will keep doing what I do :slightly_smiling_face: don’t let daily rewards affect the bigger picture. Alliances need all the help they can get.

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