Pteranodon needs some love


I had a son go all in on this. Has it at 18, can get to 20 even before this weekends event, and its just not worthwhile right now. As the folks at metahub said, too fragile.

It could use any of the following:

A speed increase
A health increase
A swap-in nullifying impact
A damage increase
A hybrid

Any of those please.


Agree with this. Would also be nice to see it getting a Unique since unlike Alanqa, this one isn’t stuck behind the arena wall


I kind of agree with this so here’s what I propose the stats/moveset should be:
Health: 3500 (+500)
Attack: 850 (-50)
Armor: 0%
Speed: 112 (it’s the same because pteranodon is basically the fastest creature with counter attack already)
Crit. Chance: 10% (+5%)

Nullifying Strike
Short Defense
Defense-Shattering Impact

This would make it a good creature to use against creatures with shields but would also make it so it’s attack didn’t make it over-powered.


Totally agree it needs to be reworked after all why push it on us if it’s worthless as it is?


I can totally see Pteranodon getting a hybrid so I’m leaving mine at 15, taking Big Alan up to 20 incase it gets a unique


I would hope it does… but they also made me take 17k hatze dna these last two weeks… and thats after i leveled it up to 15 for exp.


I now regret leveling my Alankylosaurus past level 20, I had such high hope for her and she’s really not cutting the butter for me


Just have to know how and when to swap in. I’ve won quite a few fights with mine in.


Do tell :slight_smile:


Ah I wish I could remember my last 4 fights with her in, haha.

One that stuck out in my mind was a stegod vs stegod battle after I was already up 1-0. Still had over half hp left on mine, but his next move was armor piercing rampage and I swapped in to tank the hit. Then just evaluating the moves that player was making and my Alan took out the other players stegod, was up 2-0 and still had my stegod at over half health lol.


No? I find it’s weird to fight other tanks with it, but i’ve had decent success. Just gotta think a few moves ahead to land unshielded rampages. And of course, i LOVE swapping it in on Indom.