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Pteranodon Suggestion

Pteranodon will be very useful if it has the ability to ‘swap in nullification’ rather than ‘swap in ferocity’

Yeah I like the pteranodon, it would be nice to see it utilised more. However like all pterasaurs, they’re just too slow to be competative (with the exception of the boring shielding one). I won’t be using them until they get a much needed speed boost - they fly for goodness sake (flying is faster than running!)

Yes they fly fast, but they fight on the ground :crazy_face:. And when it’s walking across the bridge in JP3 it’s slowly trudging along :sunglasses:

It would be nice to see them take the fight to the air when it’s pterosaur vs pterosaur though.

I’m pretty cool with its speed…its Pteranodon’s health that makes me not want to use it. The swap in buff is nice, and its kit isn’t bad…esp if you don’t see much Mono. But man, you swap it in for the ferocity, its gonna get smacked (probably hard still) and negate a big reason for swapping it in to begin with…maybe get one more hit in before it dies.

And if they are going to keep that low hp, the damage output should be increased.

I would say HP over attack less they suddenly become OP

My suggestion is to remove its epic status and nerf it and instead give Hatzegopteryx an upgrade. It makes absolutely no scientific sense that Pteranodon, which ate exclusively fish, would be an epic, while Hatzegopteryx, an apex predator that hunted dinosaurs and was larger than a giraffe, would only be a common. Pteranodon simply is not deserving of being an epic.

LOL @ scientific sense, when has anything in the Jurassic World franchise made sense.

But I think the swap-in nullify idea is genius, and might even make the pterasaurs viable.

I’m sure if you asked most people which they’ve heard of between the two, the more common answer would be Pteranodon by a landslide though. But similar arguments could be made up and down the rarity tiers…something has to be common, something else rare, and something else epic. Just the way games go.

Besides, a lot of us already have 40k or better Hatzegopteryx DNA lying around…imagine all the high level epics all of a sudden lol

Actually, Jurassic Park was one of the few franchises like this that actually did try to make it as plausible sounding as possible. Regardless, I just think it was a really dumb choice on their part.

I think that can be said of the 2 books by Michael Crighton, not so sure about the movies lol

Even if JP is my favourite film of all time :wink:

A fair point.