Pteranodon Vs. “Alan” comparison



(Thank you metahub)

Which do you want ?


Ummm I want you to stop claiming my names as your own :roll_eyes:


The hybrid ingredient.


Lmao. Haha okay… everyone: “Alan” is officially trademarked

From now on, it’s “Alan™️“ - @Heather :wink:


Alan™️ looks like he’s giving you a disapproving raised eyebrow.


Hahah seriously!!

lol, it’s like being a kid and looking up and seeing mom/dad after you did something wrong :joy:


Ooh, they actually both look pretty cool. But pivoting invincibility is neat. Can anything else even do that?


And just what do you think you’re doing with those darts, Mister?


Did you just drop a scent bomb in the bathroom ?? :joy:


Not sure I’d want to dart anything that came running for that.