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Pteraquetzal new hybrid

So the new hybrid is here guys, was hyped until I saw the stats, I mean I know it shouldn’t dethrone metriaphodon but the creatures ferocity is below segnosuchus and gorgosuchus, considering the Ptera gen 2 is the strongest jurassic tournament creature I would have thought it would sit alot higher. And baring in mind that segno and gorgo are fused with super rares also.

Was going to work on my aquatics for this month so maybe I will fuse one the next.



stats are pretty bad imo… only issue.


Tbh if you look at zalmonodon stats are pretty bad for that also, should’ve been another glass cannon considering the stats of its parts:

Zalmoxes- glass cannon tourney
Pteranodon - balanced legendary

Metriacanthosaurus -glass cannon tourney
Dimorphodon - balanced legendary

Should have sat right under metriaphodon in ferocity

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It sucks dont get it!

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It adds a Ptero super meat shield… but for the price… eha.

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What’s its dna cost? Has anyone fused one yet?

Said 68,000 DNA.

Edit: that isn’t right…

It sits between 55,500 and 51,240 (Zalmonodon and Segnosuchus) in the market.

Oooofff that’s a hefty amount for something with less attack than an ostaposaur, I’d rather go for the zalmonodon first then save this hybrid for later


What’d you expect from a tournament hybrid?

@The_Phoenix I actually didn’t know what to expect I dont have any tourney hybrids unlocked, I just know cerazinosaur is the one thats way too op for what it is and for less dna :joy: I’m not sure what to go for next tbh…

Look up at glythorax its worse than cerazinosaurus yet costs more

cerizinosaurus is better than segnosuchus.

I think it’s crazy how all these tourney hybrids seem to float around 2k attack whereas cerazinosaur gets a massive jump on everything else (besides the glass cannons and the two top tourney hybrids)

Not worth it if you’re planning for Zalmonodon and stopped in between expecting Pteraquetzal to be better. Thank goodness I didn’t hatch more Ptera gen 2s.

It won’t never be worth it.

Just not something you make first either.

It is always help to have a few different tool/types. You may get a battle where this one has just enough health to take hits and get you to save 4 for your next dino.

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I know, I said it’s not worth it if you had to stop a Zalmonodon in progress to accomodate Pteraquetzal.

I have 4 Zalmonodons, I don’t plan to make this one until I have 10. So maybe in a month, I’ll think about it.


It needs more attack but less health imo.

garbage stats. for 52k dna it doesn’t have near the ferocity of a segnosuchus.

Even has less attack than ostapasaurus. And osta is only 2 legendaries fused.