Pteraquetzal, Swap-in move?

Pteranodon has Swap-in Ferocity
Quetzalcoatlus has swap-in defense
Pteraquetzal has…Yeah, that’s what I thought.
Both of its components have a Swap-in move, so Pteraquetzal should have one too. Even Pteraquetzal’s super-hybrid, Quetzorion, has Swap-in dodge. So maybe Pteraquetz could have…I don’t know…maybe Swap-in Ferocious Defense?
Swap-in Ferocious Defense
Target: self
Increase attack by 50% for 1 turn Shields by 50% for 1 turn. Unable to swap for 2 turns.

What do YOU think??


Oh, this poor bird. It -used to- have a swap in move.

Ludia’s original thing for all the wingy-ptera creatures was they were all swap in move creatures.

It had a very unqiue but never used role with Swap in Dodge and Armor Piercing Counter Attack. But people complained it had too little speed. So Ludia listened (remember listening to players doesn’t mean getting exactly what you want). They increased the speed but had to take something away in return.