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When i first logged on the game wanted the counter parts to these hybrids at level 20, stupidly I levelled pteradon to 20 and quetzil to 19. Now the game has corrected itself to only needing them to level 15. 190k down the drain along with lots of resources. Hope no-one else has done the same as me, ludia please reimburse me!

Unfortunately I powered quetzil to like 18 before I noticed. :frowning:

It’s fixed! So quickly! Great!

Hey brian_marshall, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key? thanks!


Sent a couple of emails now to yourselfs Ned. Thanks for the quick reply also. I have now emailed my support key

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Same thing happened to me. I have since sent a support email with my support key.

Same happened to me. I just sent a support ticket.

Same happened to me. I put in a ticket as well

Sent. Thanks!

Has anyone tickets been seen to yet? Been checking my emails but not seen anything, looks like there’s a few people in the same boat.

I have issued a ticket for the same issue about 8 hours ago and still not heard anything. patiently waiting

still waiting guys, crossing fingers… yeah we are a few victims of the bug

Also still waiting, in sure they will do right by us, especially for waiting patiently.

It may take awhile.
The last time I had not heard back in 8 days.
It’s crucial that you provide your support key in the very first mail because if you don’t, that’s just one more reply and another week to wait.
(This was back in May though so maybe they’ve cut response time since then)

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Let’s hope then fingers crossed, do you think they will put the levels back down to 15 and give us the DNA or just keep them at the levels we have them and just reimburse us?

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I feel bad for you guys I really do, however… I have a creature that I leveled up by accident and then went and contacted support and they said that there is nothing they can do about it. If they fix your mistakes they better fix mine too. Hoping you keep us updated on this.

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You case is different, it was your mistake. Our situation is because of Ludia’s mistake. It also affects the same thing to a few players I can count on this forum plus the ones outside.

I do not mind as long as we recover DNA and coins used to upgrade both until level 20.

It doesn’t change the fact that they told me that they don’t have the ability to give the used dna back same with coins.

If they are able to do it then they lied to me back then and they better give me my coins and used dna back as well.

I believe you, but I think if they created the game, they can then do whatever they want afterwards. Maybe they said to you they cannot do it in relation to the unfairness with the rest of players but I am sure this case is a big deal. If I would not level up quetzal and pteranodon to 20, I might have the Quetzorion now.