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Pterodactylus pack

Should i buy the 20k Pterodactylus pack? I have a level 20 one already, plus a level 10 (so i could have two level 20s) and about 21k VIP points atm


A level 20 Pterodactylus is a very nice tournament level pterosaur


I am in the same dilemma.

I think I will pass on this one though. The pterodactylus is a good heavy hitter at level 20. Good to use in the 3rd slot in conjunction with two of the creatures that have the 2220/694 stats(Baryonyx, eudimorphodon, stygi)

I’m holding off…waiting for more Apatosaurus from the trade harbor. She’s the real MVP.

Or something crazy like a kangaroo.


Agreed with above, it is a very powerful attacker at level 20 and up, especially against amphibians. It is competitive in dominator level tournaments, especially when teamed up in 2:1 ratios with carnivores.


Agreed with all said above, I had a level ten for a while and fortunately scooped up another in a 10k pack. Since making my level twenty he has made my game life a great deal more pleasant (not that it was bad), simply because I was in such need of a buff pterosaur.

@Andy_wan_kenobi I think that it the be all end all description for this heavy hitter. lol

@Trexy I am so hungry for a VIP herbivore, hope my luck turns that way soon. :upside_down_face:


I think i’ll go for it (and maybe get 1k bucks? Please?) I’ll wait until i get the Banana fish pack just to make sure i have some VIP points left

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