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Pterodaustro jwa

And its hybrid

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Why the hybrid has 3000 dmg and 135 speed ?

The immune to priority is interesting

Don’t keep posting stuff. It’ll be a spam

Oh I did not know but can I post in the same topic or do I post like once a day

You should post all of your ideas in the same topic.

Why does it have 3000 damage and 135 speed? That’s a bit much.

Either. I sometime post two Creature file on a day

Its is because it’s a wolf so I think it’s OK but may be too much now that I look at it same reason with speed

How a wolf could bit more harder than Rex ?

The hybrid with 3000 atk and 135 speed could do 4500 dmg turn one, bypassing armour and shields. That seems too much.

In that case, shouldn’t a trex have more than 3000 attack?

Sorry for any inconvenience as I am new at this so I don’t really know how

Is this better

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Yes, it is better. I think reducing speed could also be done, but its up to you.