Pterodaustro VIP Tournament - 2/25/2022 - 2/28/2022

it’s confirmed.i’m not a vip but hey


I’ve already said it but it’s for those who haven’t seen it

without the hybrids and the S hybrids, pterodaustro is the strongest dino! no it’s actually a pterosaur but hey

this does not prevent him from being knocked out by a ton of tournament dinosaurs


He may be easily knocked out, but he does have a chance to win due to his attack.


It s like Metriacanthosaurus


To level 40 looks like something…



Wish you could share those in the memes thread. They are actually good. But here, a bit off topic I think.


Ey, nice a break for those non vip like me😂


im vip but i don’t play vip tournaments tbh. find them a waste, would rather grind for a new creature tbh. Unless it’s a VIP i really need.


I am not a fan of Tournaments, but I’d rather grind through one to get a VIP creature than spend 35K LP to get it.

Granted, I have terrible luck with rewards - mostly coins, food and low value DNA cards, but even at 5 DB a match, in the end it still is cheaper than buying a 35K pack.


Wuerhosaurus, Eolambia, Apatosaurus and Stigymoloch: Am I a JoKe To YoU!?


I’m thinking exactly the same with @BestKeptSecret here. There is no other way of getting our hands on a 35k creature other than Procera which is appearing on the TH on a regular basis. Even that hurts me as paying 11k LPs without having any side rewards and having to be ok with just a single copy.

Even the 10k Solid ones are worth participating. Normally you pay 20k to earn the exact same side rewards, of course if you’re willing to have one, which I don’t likely as the 35ks.

But by the help of these tourneys, you don’t even touch a single bit of your LP. Let alone touching, you earn even beyond the level of a normal tourney LP income and the juicy side rewards. Plus, those take only a single run as reaching 1k, that most probably earns you one by ease. An hour of after work playtime on Friday. Like eating a sour, juicy, green apple? So why bother?

I can’t really get why you call a VIP tourney as a “waste” after considering all these. If you ask me, paying Ludia on a montly basis, having the chance to access VIP tourneys as different from all of the casual players and yet, letting these go away… Like throwing your money out of the window. :neutral_face:

Or like going to a fancy restaurant as a VIP and when they get your dish saying “Chef’s special”, you just turn that plate off and whisper to the server’s ear: “Can I get the meal of that table next to us, looking stale and plastic?” :thought_balloon:

This is what I’d call “waste”, my friend.


By the way, it turns out that this one is right on cue for me.



First data

Already have a level 40 and a level 30, im just being greedy :yum:

Level 40 is similar to a level 20 metriaphodon in stats so its a very useful ptero for me.


What a neat break from all these new tournaments. Now I can focus to do boss raid missions, and I’ll admit, I think It’s really fun way to spend time when you have nothing else to do

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So that’s how its gonna be huh? Good. At least it wont be too easy.
Attemp #2.

Diplo never even saw action and my trophies stand thus…
too strong. Too weak? Advice guys please. This one is different than normal

First run
Pretty easy so far
Good luck everyone!


Won but it was too strong a team. Only 24 trophies. What should’ve not been on the team? Perhaps sub Tape for something weaker?

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In my experience what works is as follows (using FMF strategy)…

First match i start with a level 1 velo as main. This takes me somewhere in lower survivor league.

At lower survivor league i use a level 10 tournament creature as a main (specifically a carnivore either yutyrannus or gorgo at 10 gives me a decent amount of trophies.)

I end up somewhere in hunter league where i will use a level 40 alangasaur or level 40 velociraptor g2 as a main. This usually takes me to lower predator.

At lower predator is where it starts to get a bit touch and go. You want to go for a level 40 legendary as a main, suchomimus works for 40 trophies (usually anything below position 90) but if you want to play it safe then either dimetrodon or trex g1.

After this you should still be in predator but i up my game to a spinoraptor level 30 and still get a decent amount of trophies.

Top of predator anything above position 25 just treat it like dominator and save yourself the struggle go all out.

Good luck.

Also using the fodder main fodder strategy allows you to use an overpowered main without sacrificing too many trophies, so if something is not working for you then go a bit higher and your trophy score should not be punished too much.




Data after my first run
Got 2 500 DNA and 2 1k DNA along with a slayer pack with a 1250 DNA card in it so decent rewards on my way up.