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Pterosaur Duo tower (video)

This one wasn’t easy, almost made a mistake, but still did it. That Rampage ouch…


My primary account went pretty easy although I was expecting the Pteranadon first so it screwed up my plan.

After seeing who came first, I adjusted my second account and beat it using:

17 Utasinoraptor
1st Distracting Impact
2nd Instant Charge that stunned it
3rd Critical impact that killed Alanqa
I swapped in 17 Dimodactylus on the Pteranadon for the .25 bleed and died.
I put out my 19 Raptor and swapped in my 10 Dracorex Gen 2 for the 2X and died.
I put in the Raptor and Pounced the 2X + distraction and took the hit
Then I bit the Pteranadon and killed it.

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There’s a duo tower out there?? I haven’t seen any!

I started with lvl 20 i-rex cloak >2x dmage killed one of pterodactyl who swapped. Next I swapped to lvl 21 stego thego> shield> rampage> ss ( if survived) then lvl trgo 2x move. Easily defeated the tower. Monostegotops was in queue if couldn’t succeed with those.

it is out there for sure but the tower seems to be really rare for some reason :S

Man, I just went for a walk and haven’t seen ANY! Just a common tower :joy:

How long will it last?

less than one day but you still have time

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Yeah I messed around there…used lethal wound first and after that distraction so got killed by Ptera and Alanqa escaped bleeding.
Then used Spinotahsuchus but forgot the heavy counter attack of Ptera.

Iraptor saved me then and I kept praying that Alanqa‘s rampage wouldn‘t crit.

22 Suchotator and 23 Spinotasuchus were enough for these guys.

Must be pretty rare. Did a 3 mile walk with my dog, not a tower to be seen. :thinking:

I drived 11 km and dont see any epic strike event

Did you opened todays gift? After that can strike event can appear. Also some drops can change.

Yes i do but still nothing on my map🙄

Once I had a problem, that game didn’t loaded with last strike towers (couldn’t see any). When I got outside and off wifi, I got the message that JWA needs to be updated. So restarted it and I saw strike towers normally.