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Pterosaur Duo Tower


For any new players thinking about tomorrow’s tower (expected to be a repeat of Alanqa & Pteranodon), here’s what it looked like last time.
Hope it helps …


and this one… just for fun😁


Here is another Video, enjoy!


Bro! Your delta is all grown up now… 27 seems like forever ago #throwback :slight_smile:


Right!!! I was thinking the same thing when I searched up the vid. I couldn’t let you and Pat have all the fun. Btw, great idea posting the video and helping out.



Enjoyed watching you use tyrannolophosaur :grin:


i cant believe my giga is only 27 in that vid… now shes all grown up😢

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It’s one of my faves for towers and friendlies :t_rex:


Sand dunes fed her well!!

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Ahh I didn’t mean to leave her out …
she actually looks like she’s getting younger with time :sunglasses::sauropod:

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yeah shes been resting lol. waiting for the rest of the team to catch up.


I actually get worried when I see a level 30 giga in the arena now … they’ve become quite a force with the 1.6 update
If you don’t have a bleeder or high-leveled tank buster, it’s not gunna go down easy


Here is today’s tower with rewards. Just wanted to show my little lady all grown up. :slight_smile:


L25 Utarinex: Distracting impact
Alanqa: Rampage
Utarinex: impact and run into L24 Dracoceratops
Pteranodon counters Utarinex but then dies.

Alanqa: Rampage
Dracoceratops: Rampage, Regen
I swapped out and finished with Indoraptor but you could just let Dracoceratops die and finish with any 125+ speed Dino
This will work with lower levels also

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I used Allosinosaurus Level 20, Dracoceratops Level 17, Indoraptor Level 21 and Stegodeus Level 20.

Allosino Start, Alanqa Start
Allo DSI, Alanqa Rampage
Alanqa switch To Pteranodon
Allo IC Stun lands
Allo DSI Pteranodon Stunned
Pteranodon I&R KO Allo
Indoraptor comes in
Indo CI KO Pteranodon
Alanqa comes in
Indo Crit DSR Alanqa
Alanqa Rampage
Indo Strike KO Alanqa

My rewards worth mentioning


I did as suggested in the other thread:

Sucho 20, Dimorphodon 10, Spinotasuchus 19, Trago (I didn’t use)

Sucho: LW
Alanqua: Rampage

Ptera: Swap
Sucho: ID

Dimo: Swap (wound)
Ptera: NI

Dimo: GW
Ptera: Counter Attack (Dimo dies)

Spino: Strike
Ptera: DIES

Spino: LW
Alanqa: Rampage

Spino: CI
Alanqa: Dies

Spinotasuchus could be replaced with… 2 raptors I guess or a raptor/draco-something combo

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sucho - alanq rampage, crit over 5k damage. sucho died

thought i was gonna not beat this but magan and diloracheirus saved the day


Well yeah, that would scuttle that plan…


Utasino 21 took them both out… that thing is a beast.