Pterosaur Duo


Anyone tried the latest one bar orange arena “Pterosaur Duo”? I lost last two one-bars because I wasn’t prepared with ‘tactic’…


First strike event I have lost; they took out Monostegotops after quite a few strikes, then L20 Tany (one shot!), my Stegoceratops was doing well but as it was getting low I thought “one more strike and then its Stegodeus time” but their attack critted and that was that :cry: Weighing up whether to spend 200 notes but currently common sense is winning especially as I would need to spend real cash to get it.


That sounds like a painful battle :frowning: What Level was your Monostegotop? What moves and in what order did they use them on you?


They took out indoraptor but managed it with stegodeous although all I got was stiggy :tired_face:


What level are both birds?


My Mono is only L17; couldn’t tell you the exact sequence but I was using nullifying moves whenever their was a chance they would swap out and other moves the rest of the time. First turning point was losing the Tany to a one shot after it had only landed one strike and then the second was a crit when I was gambling. Had I switched to L22 Stegodeus and that point I would have thought I would have had them as neither had great health remaining (few 100 each).


Both Level 30


And that’s why I’m loathe to spend 200


Do I actually have any chance with my team? I am only starting lvl 12…


The key is using strong and armored hybrids


That’s all? Yikes. That sucks. I got 309 alanqa and 90 stygi.


Couldnt beat the final stage and not spending $1000 to re-try bloody rip off


What is the level of both birds? Lvl 30 as always in this kind of events?


It was like 200 odd stiggy and 4 dna of whatever the epic that isn’t Alan is called :sweat_smile:


Both level 30.

I used tryo lvl 20, got 2 shotted and r2c doesnt crit.

Used dilo to reduce atk to manageable level, he switched to ptro.
Stun then impact and run kill ptero

Mononim reduce atk. Then a bite to finish ala.

Was worried when tryo got 2 shotted without dealing even half health damage. But reducing atk and stun are effective


Going to be a long night on the bike looking for AnkyloGen2…

Probably hit a few pubs around town too. lol


Would you like some :joy:


I did It… you go up against a pteranodon and alanqa (both level 30).

My team was:
Indoraptor 21
Gorgo 21
Postimetrodon 19
Monomimus 16

Wasn’t too bad with this team. Only lost 1. Luckily alanqa started first so I didn’t have to deal with SIA invincibility.

12.6k coins
3.8k deinocherus dna
1.6k Monolophosaurus gen 2
58 T. rex gen 2
499 arambourgiania
132 alanqa
200 spinosaur gen 2

For a relatively easy battle, the extra alanqa dna and 12k+ in coins … no complaints


Waiting for @Hersh ‘s reply like


Thanks. I will try with Gorgosuchus (breaks defenses and shields in case of swapping Ptero -> Alanqua), Indominus (high damage with cloak and finger cross for an eventual crits), Stego and Tragodistis (High Damage, High defense and second one has also invincibility shield).