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Pterosaur in general needs a specific role in the game


Out of all Pterosaur, only Alanqa and its hybrid are somewhat useful at the moment. Besides that, all Pterosaurs are just too hard to use. I think that they have difficulties in finding a specific role in the game.

For example:

the raptors generally have super low health, but are compensated with the highest speed and a high damage move immediately.

The Ornithomimus(es) have even lower health, but they have a specific move to evade attack (even though I don’t like this kind of RNG), and they can do some good damage.

T-Rex family is super slow and has next to none utility move, but are compensated with high damage out-put and good critical chance.

The long necks are generally slower but with higher health, slowing move etc.

And for the Pterosaur, what do they have specifically ? (besides Alanqa familly)

For the “tanky” Pterosaurs, they usually have swap-in shield, higher health but they don’t have enough speed, damage or useful moves to be useful.

For the bleeders Pterosaurs, although they have rather high speed, they are not fast enough to compete with Raptors nor Ornithomimus, and they die on turn 2 ; They have super low damage out-put ;Their signature swap-in wound and Swoop require them to enter a battle mid-fight and escape before dying - HOWEVER, the swap-in lock prevent them from leaving immediately (besides the new unique); they have super low-health to sustain any kind of damage. So, how are they going to function in this state?

Hence, I suggest the followings to give them a better role in the game. In this case, I am targeting mainly to the bleeders Pterosaurs :

  1. Give them the highest speed : They generally have low attack and low health so it shouldn’t be a problem. Superiority Strike would keep them in-check. But now they can at least survive from raptors family.

  2. Exempt from swap-in lock-down : I think it would be a great signature to accompany their swap-in wound and swoop. I mean, usually, they already need to take a hit when swapping-in and most of the time they would lose half their health or more. This would add an identity for them and it suits them as they are flying and should be nimble.

  3. Add swap-out buffs / debuffs ability : I think one feature that is missing right now is buffs / debuffs when swapping out. And I think the Pterosaur is (one of the) good candidate for this feature. For exemple, Swap-out buffs : Speed + 50% for 1 turn for the next swap-in Dinosaur / Distraction strike and Run : Target’s damage -75% for 1 turn, automatic swap. This can emphasize their role and give them more identity and utility in the game.

At the moment, I think the new Darwyn Unique hybrid is the closest thing that would fit the the 2nd category as it has clense and swoop. We can take it as an example to see how it does. I hope they really could do something for the Pterosaur to maximize their potential.


I agree, with you and it’s a shame since there are many types of ptersaur in this game.


If u want a pterosaur that beats a raptor stigydarex destroys a raptor. Although natural raptors are outright trash. But stigydarex has Swap in invincibility and superiority strike. Raptor nemesis

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I specifically mentioned raptors, only because they give ptersaur relatively high speed but not high enough so that they can do SOMETHING before dying.

With ptersaur’s low damage output and low health, they will never be ideal to fight raptor, nor you would try to bleed a raptor.

And yes I did mentioned this hybrid in my thread, if you have read it through. I hope you don’t misunderstand this thread. It’s about giving pterosaur something to make them more usable, not asking them to beat raptor.