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Pterosaur Team, Team Variety & AI?

I just made Pterovexus and with so many different team playable creatures I decided on a pure Pterosaur team again despite their kind of weak. I put my highest on with the new guy.
The first battle was a draw and I lost the next two…barely. Very good challenging battles though.

I listed out what all my competitors had on their teams because I want to show the variety of different creatures being used in the mid arenas. This is only 3 teams so far. This is making play a lot more fun because I can’t expect specific creatures coming out all the time. I don’t have to build teams specifically to counter any specific dino’s.
After 2 losses, I was expecting the mean, nasty, rotten and cruel, over leveled and over boosted AI like yesterday. I decided to go with my angry bird team above for the challenge of it. I started out very well. After a few PvP battles, I was all up in how I was going to use them. I got two take downs and then the AI decided to be pitiful and keep swapping the last two dino’s for me till I whittled them down to nothin’. So I think the pity AI is back.

Had my fun with my birds for the day and got to try out my new unique a few times. Time to pick a totally new and different team.

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