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Pterosauria scent strike reward

So, do we get a scent as reward or DNA?

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Add: I am out if range to see for my self.

No scent think ludia shows their poor scripting once again.

I got DNA. The better let us keep it. They’ve messed up so much we deserve a little treat.


Wish I had one in range to try right now

Got my 35,000 coins and 900 epic DNA before they changed it. :laughing:

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Youre serious? I am out of range… What a joke.

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They just patched it. Sorry mate.

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Damnit! Was about to go get it…

Wish I was on the right side of a screw up for once :frowning:

I got an incubator rather than a scent - not 100% sure what was in it because I was just tapping in auto mode - did register the final 387 Darwin and looking at my dinodex got about 1000 Dsung - both useful although using the scent in a park could have got me Quetz (which I desparately want) and Pteranodon - not sure if that’s a win or a lose :thinking:

Wanna switch?

Using any scent in a park gets you quetz. This scent should give you quetz wherever you are.

LOL - not sure! I want Quetz and Ptera more than Darwin and Dsung but they’re still good and I don’t have to go and dart anything - knowing Ludia scents I would probably get Tupandas and the Flying Hog …

Edit: Just noticed the 35,000 coins - now that’s sweet :slight_smile:

This is fixed now, Haagsma. Thanks for letting us know.

Damnit Haagsma! :wink:


Awesome. So some people get premium incs and the rest of us get a scent? That’s unacceptable


Well, what are you gonna do about it? :slight_smile: We’ve had these situations before and we had to accept it in the end.

Yeah, that’s kinda garbage Ludia

I’m tired of being punished by ludia’s mistakes.