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Pterosaurs in Sanctuaries in 1.11

Wooo it’s happening!


I’d also like to point out the shoddy advertising by placing a hybrid on the image… misleading the players yet again.


Then I can get Gemini easier.

Nice! Whatever that content is, they are teasing it! That means we are getting close to next patch note!


Though I hope they fixed scents.


If they do, you can max your turtle and other park creatures sooner than now. What’s your next goal? Maybe wait, maybe call it. They won’t risk it

It’s nice that we can put pterosaurs in sancs, can’t wait to put in my tupn, dimorph and arambo :grin:.

They’re already giving the turtle away for dailies and gave it in events, and wuerho was in events too.
It’s not exactly my main goal. My next goal is to get enough Dracorex for Utarinex, which is happening with all the Charger scents and possibly Christmas event and sanctuaries.

If you really want to know why I want it fixed though: To actually have a less boring stroll to the park. Only trash in Local 4.

That’s exactly what they do. Making it to a long-term grind. So you(not in specific) will spend a huge amount of attention span to look for what you need. In and of itself there’s more opportunities for them to monetize along the way.

So what’s next? Breaking sanctuaries to make them unusable and saying they did it to fix some bug that continues to exist anyway? Breaking daily missions? Making an entire zone not spawn because there’s a bug?

Not speaking in the hindsight but before that, I saw the tourney price drop coming. They’ve already done more than that… Exclusive DNA, themed scents cap. I’m also curious what’s next.

I never could buy too many of those scents, but the charger ones were pretty useful. They gave me a lot of dracorex and even a sinocera. And got the free one too. Didn’t buy them all though (2 left), I still want to spare some HC for rare scents.

Finally!!! :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:


Great. Which ptero is getting a hybrid in 1.11?

Probably Alanqa with something new… which we will be all excited about until that something new is a sanctuary or season exclusive and its season will be in summer 2021.

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Alankylo hybrid would be nice.


And the flying hog. Cuz its collecting dust in L4

Too late! Already have enough now. Unless you’re coming with new ptero hybrids of course.

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i originally thought this was another suggestion thread. Quite pleasantly surprised.

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I don’t do suggestions lol, never waste my breath asking Ludia to do something. :rofl: