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Pterosaurs Suggestion

Why are there so few pterosaurs in the higher levels? At any levels? In any teams?

Swap in bleeds too situational,combined with low attack, and low health?! Trifecta of doom?

Do they need to be buffed?

Not suitable for the meta?

Bad movesets?

Need tweaking?

Need regen and run?

Give pteros swap in attack and cleanse? (Not regen and Run?)

Or swap in Distract Bleed (for more surviveability?)

Add swap in immobilize? (Or save that for aquatics?

Longer swap in shields to swap in successfully and not be outsped and crushed the following turn?

If aquatics have “anti swap in / out / “flooding” “ skills, make pteros immune to immobilizes ? (Flying above water?)

Give them a “role” to fit into Rock Paper Scissors, as opposed to not being relevant?

Any and all suggestions welcomed!


If anything they have like no damage


Vexus looks pretty good if they chance swoop for bleeding strike

Just need more damage?

If increased attack, but still too fragile, would you play them?

Or also need more health?

Only reason I’d hesitate to just super increase attack and health is if health and attack increased substantially, do they still fit “being a pterosaur?”

Or better to have a mix of the following?
Increase (slight to moderate) in attack
Increase (slight to moderate) in defense
Moveset change (more survive-able?), more utility?

I agree vexus looks good, if it can pull it off… but haven’t seen much of vexus at all…

So maybe it needs something else to make it more palatable.

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Been thinking on this.

Yes the pterosaurs, and ptero hybrids that are still ptero, need some sort of buff, no argument.

However Dsungaia and Orion or both decent so would a buff it the base pterosaurs make these two even better???

If they had speed, their other low stats (particularly health) might make sense, but they’re average at best, deadly slow at worst. They were advertised as something to swap in and out, they were the creatures that introduced swap moves to the game, but they rarely can execute them because they’re too fragile to survive that long.

I would say, increase their health, to be kinda like Suchotator, so they can handle a punch. Alankylosaurus and Stygidaryx might be good choices for that. The sleeker, speedier looking ones? Give them better speed. Pterosaurs that bleed can afford lower damage since that’s not what they rely on, but perhaps the rest would do better with rending moves. Something to make up for how otherwise non-threatening they are.

Evasion has been nerfed, so if they had, perhaps, a permanent “evasive” passive? Don’t @ me about that one, I’m just trying to think of improvements for the most broadly underpowered creatures in the game. They can fly, you’d think that would make ground-based attacks more difficult. If most common attacks did 66% less damage to them, they might actually survive a fight.


It would only make them better if the devs changed something significantly enough in the component dinos to warrant altering the hybrid, for instance, removing or adding an ability. If they handed pteranodon a rending move, I would hope that translated up through its hybrid and superhybrid.

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Well said. Good thoughts. Can only hope it’s on their radar…

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Could also make their swap in’s non-binding

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I’d like that. A lot. Swap in bleed, swap out into a swap in stun! And might make it so the fragile bird might actually live. But I’m fearful it might be considered too OP.
Need to have a lucky hit when it pops in.

Pterosaurs aren’t THAT bad in general. They all have a nice kit but they could use something extra.
Your swap in suggestions are cool, regen and run is nice for example.
They should focus on swapping, as they have wings. They can fly away and fly back quickly. Swap in bleed and distract would be wicked, then they are annoying little buggers that do a bit of damage and fly off again. Sounds fun to me.
All in all I would like battles to last longer. Smaller damage bursts and more swapping, and I think the birds would be perfect for that.
It would make sense that they are buffed a bit in 1.9, because all uniques should be of similar quality. I’d love to see more vexus, but it’s quite hard to get. Hope to get mine after this weekend.


I think this post highlights the current issues in the game really well.

There are very few dinos of any type that are genuinely worth using throughout the game, and the birds are really only useful at the very lower levels. Why is this the case?

There should be at least three or four that are viable from creation to higher levels, and at least two that could be apex. as it is there are none!

So I think a swoop, bleed and distract with a base 132 speed and 1600 speed Pterodactyl should come in at epic, moving up to a legendary and a unique with similar but obviously stronger moves. This could counter the rat and Thor quite well at upper levels.

Hopefully 1.9 will have some decent new birds, or at least some buffs to existing ones anyway.


We have a lot of birds already, besides maybe hybrids we don’t need more of them :slight_smile: Just improve them!

All pterosaurs, 16 should be enough :slight_smile: Or did I miss any? Not counting Koolabourgiania and Dsungaia for example.

Maybe Koola is actually one of them… Because Alankylosaurus is also a hybrid with a non ptero, but it just looks so much like one.

Good call Tielenaar, I didn’t realise there were so many as I’ve only ever used Alanqa .

Perhaps the dev that came up with the rat could put a similar effort into creating a worthwhile bird?


I really feel like Alankylo could be amazing with a bit more attack. Or a hybrid - either works for me. The problem with Alankylo is that his strength is rarely ever able to defeat the dinos that he normally counters. Dracocera - halted! But not destroyed, because that pitiful attack damage barely makes a dent in Dracocera before he leaves again. If you’re lucky, Alankylo will take down an Indominus, but these days they’re becoming rarer in the arena since the dodge nerf. I’m commenting on this one in particular because I really would love to include him back on my team someday.

Also, I don’t have one, but Pterovexus REALLY needs a buff in general. Faced off against my first one the other day, mistook it for a Dimodactylus because it was so weak.


The thing to realise is that pterosaurs are just a support option. They by themselves will not win you a battle. By that definition, health, attack and defence should be low but should have a decent speed. They are built around, mostly, their swap-in abilities. For me, I would just like to see some better speed and more varied abilities.

I agree they are support options, but they have the same swap in abilities as non-flyers. So, they have the same upside as a NF dino, but not the health or damage of one.

In my eyes they need to either be given equal health and damage OR have some other special attribute. I’d previously suggested that flyers don’t get bound when they swap in, for example.


That’s a good point. All things being equal, with the same skills, the lower health and attack of a flyer need to be balanced, or special skills added or buffed (swapin with no cd. Which would be very apropo to a fragile flyer…

and I’m liking that so much now I want it Naow dangit!

You just have to slam the dino when it swaps the in, or the whiner would say it’s a free bleed and I can’t kill it)

Also props to an above post about “heavier armored pteros “ being able to take a hit or 2, and a lighter breed with the swap in buffed bleeds.

All in all, I thank everyone for their suggestions and thoughts!

A good topic. Let’s hope it bears fruit in 1.9 (too soon), (or more likely 1.1 or 1.11).

(And Delta- great point about alanky vs dracoceratops , or erlido for that matter, swap in invincibility. Then death as it get outside and overrun).