Pterosaurs - your thoughts?

I would like to put out some questions to start a discussion because this is something I’d like to read other peoples opinions on. None of this is a criticism on Ludia or anything like that. Just a topic for discussion.

When pterosaurs were dropped into the game did you feel that Ludia was unnecessarily pushing them at us? It seems to be that they wanted everyone to have the basic pterosaurs right off the bat. For myself, within three days I had all the non-hybrid releases from that update. Do you think there was a reason for this?

Secondly, I’m not such a fan of them. I think the dinosaurs we already had were better. Pterosaurs seem weak in comparison to the dinosaurs and it’s only the swap in shield ability that seems to be worth the inclusion on a team. Recent experiences with pterosaurs in the Arena have been quite frustrating with a 100% shield just for swapping in. Have we gone from raptor spam to stun spam to swap in shield spam?

What are your thoughts on the inclusion of pterosaurs?


Simply put, Alanqa and Alankylosaurus are the best counter for Indominus rex when already put in game.

No other real use of them.

Other than that, I use them like free meat for opponent’s Gorgosuchus when fercosious strike is already on .

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Well I think they do belong in the game due to the fact that they‘re dinosaurs and also appear in the jurassic movies.
But I do agree that most of them are in my opinion pretty weak or even useless. I‘ve been using Pteranodon for a while because of counterattack but soon I took her out of my team.
The only Pterosaur I‘m using is Alanqa because of shield and turning the opponents dinos speed down.

I‘ve killed many raptors and won around 80% of my battles when I had Alanqa. Sadly, she‘s useless when you gotta deal with a shield breaking and immune dinosaur.

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And I have to say that I find some of them adorable. :kissing_heart:

I agree that they certainly do belong in the game. Let’s see more of them I say.

It did seem that Ludia wanted everyone to have them but at the same time they weren’t great. I consider myself a casual player with no interest in a competitive play style but It made me wonder whether I’m missing something?

Not to be that guy, but pterosaurs aren’t dinosaurs. They are Archosaurs (as are dinosaurs, birds and crocodiles). With my inner nerd satisfied, on to the topic.

I’m a big fan of pterosaurs in real life and was ecstatic when they were announced. I may well be the only person that enjoyed the extended events and strike events and I’m looking forward to more.

The thing is, they aren’t that great. Alanqa is the only one I use and it’s mostly because of the invincibility but also because it’s the most reliable damage dealer. That leads me on to their major problems in my opinion: A) they aren’t fast enough and B) they don’t have enough health.

In regards to the speed, they are comically slow. Alanqa is the fastest at 116, Pteranodon is next at 112 and the rest are 110 or below. They are out paced by a Stegosaurus (a 6 ton, 9 foot long lump of spikes and bad attitude I remind you). Some of the pterosaurs in reality had a 3 metre wing span and would easily out manoeuvre something that big, so I see a huge disparity between the creature and their representation in game.

And I doubt it’s for game balance reasons since as I said Alanqa is the only reliable damage dealer. Pteranodon, despite having swap in ferocity doesn’t deal much damage because it doesn’t get to use it’s ability to the fullest extent due to it’s health and speed. It gets one counter attack and then dead. Then to add insult to injury (at least for me personally) Ludia released a poll on pterosaurs where two of the options stated the very problems the pterosaurs had.

I had high hopes for the pterosaurs especially since they were set up as swap in ability specialists, but they are so underwhelming. I just hope their issues are addressed in a future update and they become a viable option.

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Agree that they’re both too slow and too weak. The “pushing them on us” thing, IMO, is to allow players to get them to a level where it’s viable to put them on the team. If you could only barely get an Alanqa, for example, you wouldn’t put them on your team if the rest of your team is 3/4/5 levels higher. The problem with introducing new dinos after the game has already been out is that you need to provide as many opportunities to farm them as possible (from Ludia’s perspective) so that established players will WANT to put them on the team.

That being said, until the balance their stats, I don’t see any good reason to unless you enjoy giving your opponent a free kill.

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Thank you for the responses everyone. I find it quite interesting to see other perspectives on this. Especially as no has offered a counter argument to say why they might be good.

And that’s partly the reason why I think the community felt that the pterosaurs were being “forced on them”, even if you got them to the same level as the rest of your team they drastically underperformed. They were clearly a bad choice for the arena and with them being everywhere during the week and a half Special Event, people got feed up with them as they’d rather have dinos that they could’ve used.


I think where they probably fit in the meta is facing off against raptors or things that can hit real hard with one move but don’t break shields (indom, velociraptor, Erlidominus, Stegodeus with armor piercing rampage). I think the problem is they don’t do enough damage or have enough survivability to soak up moves like that more than once.

I would like to see a swap in ability that added speed to the :eagle:. I would also like to see a hybrid that had two SIA’s.

I see what you’re saying, I guess I just saw it as them promoting SIA’s to counter/preempt impending doom (hello Irex) but as seems to be the consensus, the stats just don’t allow for it. I really wanted Pteranodon on my team (just as a personal favorite, but then also for the ferocious counter strike) but he was too slow and was dead before doing any real damage.

Some of the more interesting battles I’ve had are when my cards have lined up where I can use swoop into something with a SIA, but being that the order of cards is random, there’s no good way to use the new mechanic reliably. My hope would be that either more dinos get SIA’s or they allow you to choose the order of your 4 cards or something along those lines.

I’ve only had success in this regard with Alanqa, the swap in invincibility negates Pounce’s damage and the Alanqa has enough health to survive Strike. Superiority Strike cleanses distraction and slows the raptor down and takes off a good chunk of health to then finish the raptor off with rampage (or the raptor gets swapped out :roll_eyes:) Arambourgiania might perform equally well but I haven’t levelled it up past 10 so I’m unsure of it’s stats at my team’s level…

The others with swap in defence probably won’t do as well and the swap in ferocity ones are raptor food. And as you pointed out having them perform this tactic more than once is risky at best.

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