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Pterovexus An Amazing Hybrid

The title is ironic, since the only incredible thing about the pterovexus is her name, It sounds intimidating, but it is not, is this the appearance of a dinosaur with such a cool name?
I speak for all when we say that this hybrid needs a big buff … Its appearance I would love it to be remodeled … the stats should be of the monomimus 1.14, and to give it devastation …
Any suggestion?
Is that the apareance of an intimidant hybrid? don’t think so!!

1)YESS! BUFF AND REMODEL The appearance
2)No, Explain your answer

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Ok, but why does the enemy have a level 21 Secodontosaurus?


I like the appearance personally… definitely needs a buff. Either more health/1 faster speed and or a rampage move.


I thing buff its health because evasive stance disappear

The bigger question is what is OP doing in lockdown with a Pterovexus?! :thinking:


My thoughts exactly.

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I think the image it was taken from pocemon vid, it was a test server


Oh that could be true, yes, I forgot about that.

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all those who wonder where the image comes from, is from POCEMON the photo is from a private server of the game … I’m not hacker… LOL


Imo it is mostly fine as is. It needs Lethal Swoop though and maybe 150 extra health OR Nullifying Rampage OR 1 extra speed.

But not everything out of that. Only one minor stat buff and one better spell.

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Definitely needs a buff. What about: attack buff(cause it pails compared to monomimus) totally change the moveset, it’s health is bad so it needs to dodge. Maybe with null strike, distracting impact/rampage, lethal swoop, evasive stance; alternatevely: evasive strike, distracting impact/rampage, null impact lethal swoop and perhaps swap in evasive. Swap in wound is useless on it since it’s so frail. What do you guys think?