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Pterovexus bug


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Bug Description: Pterovexus swoop glitch, see video below.

Area is was found in: Battle arena.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Start or swap in with Vexus.
Step 2 - Use swoop.

How often does it happen: Every use

What type of device are you using: IphoneX

Anything else? Double its health and damage while your at it please :))

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Seen the proper swoop animation once now after about 7/8 uses. Also seems to vanish.


You should see how it looks on the other end lol. It literally freezes the screen. Like, where did it go


Its so fun to use! Enjoy confusing people too much :joy:


It is. Others that I see use it bring it in late. Imo I think it’s a great starter. Just needs a CPL more lvls to hang with dilo and spino

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Long way to go for me yet! Still testing it, just got it today. :slight_smile: More Darwin events please!

Edit: Wouldnt mind if it got a little buff somewhere… we were thinking between more hp/1 point faster or a rampage move.


I agree! I have yet to create


Thanks for reporting this to us @Alex_Dhir. I’ve notified our team about it, and they should be looking into it soon.


Anytime. It seems to work fine in strike events and the occasional arena match.

P.s Dont forget to give it a tasty buff too! :grimacing:


looks like it’s the next hybrid event (what ever it’s called :sweat_smile: )

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Pterovexus for Hybrid Pursuit? Interesting… But does that mean we only get two weeks of epics (Darwinopterus and Monolophosaurus)? Gallimimus IS an arena exclusive, after all! I’m not complaining or anything, as I do personally need both Mono and Darwin for Monostegotops and Stygidaryx, as I’m working towards both, but I feel like I won’t see very many of the components…


Thats the best thing ive seen all week :+1:
turkey may make my team yet!


:rofl: :rofl:

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