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PTEROVEXUS: Needs a Advantage

The probability of a critical attack of the Darwinopterus is to be affected at 5%.
This is a unique hybrid creature.

Pterovexus has the potential to be a great One worthy of successfully rivalling the Apex category, such as Mammolania, Tenontorex, Geminititan.


Therefore, this creature has more advantages when performing critical attacks which makes him a worthy rival of the family Pterosauridae.


Pterovexus is a rival that needs to be stimulated and one of the many forgotten in the game.

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Justice for Pterovexus

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I do think Pterovexus and most bleeders in general need buffs, but a slight increase in crit chance on a creature with low base damage that relies mainly on DoT and debuffs seems like it would hardly make a difference.