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Pterovexus, poukandactylus and spinoconstrictor need a buff!

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Something that I undoubtedly liked a lot about these latest updates is the buffets that have been given to unique super hybrids that were considered bad in pvp and raids to mention a few examples such as entelolania, skoonasaurus etc. but … there are still quite bad super hybrids in pvp and here I bring an idea of ​​how to buff them !!!

pterovexus: pterovexus currently I consider it the best pterosaur hybrid but it is not that it is exceedingly good when you compare it with other super hybrids, what is it that changes it? Well not much just improve your health and attack and change some abilities


poukandactylus: if the god poukandactylus had to be here the poukandactylus is currently the worst single super hybrid and one of its components the poukaidei is much better than him !! It is also super difficult to get also if he received a buff but a mediocre one and they nerfied him. Seeing his speed was the only thing that benefited him with work and he could beat magnas but currently he only kills thoras and mortems and in what benefit? in almost everything and I gave him nerf in some things so that he is not so broken


spinoconstrictor: obviously it had to be here if you compare it with the poukandactylus they become very similar both have beautiful designs but they have bad statistics, abilities and resistances and they are difficult to get so like the poukandactylus it changes almost everything … and I gave him nerf in the critical probability


So … what do you think of the very broken buffets? don’t forget to share your idea of a buff a creature in the answers !!!

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My rework for pterovexus and spinoconstrictor
download (22)
download (17)


My spinocon.
Note: speed is 125 and speed resistance is 50%


After using Poukan at lv30, fully boosted on my team, I can honestly say the biggest flaw is that she’s powerless against resilients. Actually, not even resilients - anything that just happens to have a resilient move (like Tenonto). Literally, she’ll get one move & counter in against Tenonto should Ten crit.

Distraction really sucks, though. It’s just a weaker version of Cunning Strike, and has no place on a unique, let alone one that uses up exclusive DNA. I’d say remove that attack and replace it with something else. A new 1.5 move that pierces armor and causes distraction would be ideal.

I also don’t think it would hurt to increase her attack to 1200. 2400 is nothing compared to other fierce creatures like Thor and Morty. Lastly, return her old speed back - there was nothing wrong with it considering that she can be slowed.


Lol. These are so OP. Everything can’t just have a defense shattering move :joy:

As a fellow lv 30 Poukan user I agree, I would like the swap in ferocity from its rare component not sure if that would make her too OP. Then there is no need need to buff the stats except maybe the crit dont know why ludia keep putting 10% crit on the newer creatures.
Edit im fine with distraction but maybe the move could be buffed maybe lasting 2 turns rather than the 1.

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I would say poukan will be fine with this change also it would have more Synergy with other creatures on your team.
download (17)