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Pterovexus should have Nullifying Rampage

Lot of changes has been done, but still pterovexus remains unusable. It gets one shot when swapped in and even cannot survive 1-1. Will Nullifying Rampage with a slight DMG buff revive this Dino?


Well, can’t hurt to try.

If not for the Evasive nerf, I’d be totally on board with giving it an Evasive ability.

It was great until they changed it to be a bleeder. Now it’s great against Tryko, thor, tenontorex, … every dino that has no escape-move.

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What about Stygidaryx? I fought one, it just swapped in and put up a shield, it did nothing to my dino on the field. I stunned it, swapped to Thor, then chomp.

It’s like a suicide Dino, it has to sacrifice itself to take out tryko or Thor… If Thor has instant charge up it does not even get a turn

It’s atleast decent… I have seen ppl using daryx very well, when you are about to use distracting moves eg. procera’s DistRampage… It also should have DSI, just like its parent Hatzrgopteryx

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Pterovexus is great againts things like Thor and tryko due to distracting impact and swoop, you Just gotta figure out what’s it good againts and what it’s bad againts

I agree man! 200% it needs a rampage move

Yep, Stgydaryx may not be great, but it can be used pretty well, at least by myself, I have found some good uses for it. Though…Pteravexus is a lot better than it in many other situations, not saying that it doesn’t deserve a buff, the rampage move would be amazing, but Pteraveuxs is very decent.

I don’t understand why Ludia does this no senses on the game. So much effort to create Stygadrix (didn’t even unlock it) just to always die without opportunity to hurt any on the field enough to worth the effort…

I don’t understand neither. I have enough DNA to unlock it, but not intended to do so before it gets reworked or buffed.

Styg would bé a nice member of my team based on impact and run and, SIA stun, purrutaurus, Quetzorion…

But meh… Maybe I can unlock styg if Darwin decides to appear in the following 10 years…