Pterovexus still not hitting the mark

Pterovexus could be a superb dino, it just is missing something in relation to it’s swap in ability. Any sane person wouldn’t want more swap in damage type dinos, so the change below takes that into account.

The swap in wound puts Vexus in a precarious position without a distraction so I have added a 50% distraction to the swap in
Pinning strike is a very rarely useful move so i though maybe a cautious strike (or just a cunning strike) would be better
I have change nullifying impact to instant nullifying impact just to give it something extra (the nullifying impact it already has would be okay if the distraction on swap in was added, the change to Instant Nullifying impact was just to spice this thing up a little bit more)

Pterovexus is one of the least used Uniques in the game, and as ludia has mentioned they may update the older dinos to be more viable I thought I pitch this idea now.


Let me know what you think?


Remove swap in wound and replace it with distraction and replace venomous counter with minimal critical increase.

There you go

Null strike
Cleansing/lethal swoop
Revenge distracting impact
Evasive wounding impact (cooldown 2, 75% dodge chance)/merciless alert

Alert counter distraction/wounding counter

Swap in distraction

On escape evasive strike/impact

Keep the stats and resistances the same and vexus shld be able to tank hits more effectively and deal more dmg

why revenge?
there are too many swap in distraction dinos, maybe the parents combine to make an evasive wounding swap in or something

removing its rampage makes it’s damage output really low

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And where does it get the crit increase from? That’d be a nerf more than a buff


Revenge distracting impact is rampage on revenge
Anything without armour and shields is gonna eat a full 2x move
It also has a shorter cooldown than both normal distracting impact and rampage

Maybe swap in dodge can work

Wounding counter will make it more effective agains tanks while distraction counter will make it more anti fierce

Instant null strike will make it more anti cunning but imo itll be too much since that move works on pretty much everything meta except ankylos lux

From S C I E N C E and B I O L O G Y

Imo crit increase counter is 1. Nearly useless on things that arent tanks like alberto (vexus isnt really supposed to be completely a tank) and 2. Adds more unecessary rng

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We need to stop making revenge dinos that are also a swap in

Still dont understand why they gave it venomous counter, makes its on escape kind of usless since it applies lockdown

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I totally agree

I did make a vexus rework agers ago but i cant remember where i posted it.

But the main thing I changed was making a new swap in.
Swap in evasive wound, gives his swap in some survivability.

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The Speed Resistance and Vulnerability Resistance need to go completely since in reality it’s a Cunning Fierce and not a Wildcard (I know the game calls it a Wildcard buuut it doesn’t have any Resilient abilities anyway nor are its ingredients any variation of Resilient). You can bump Distraction Resistance to 75% or 100% to compensate since it doesn’t have armor-piercing abilities.

Everything else about it is great.

The On-Escape gives it a means of taking down or dissuading creatures with high Swap Prevention Resistance from swapping out.

Kind of the best of both worlds, as it were.

Not every non rat swap in revenge dino is broken. Antarc for example is 1 of the most balanced uniques

The class system doesnt even makes sense nowadays. Remove those 2 and vexus is tank food with that low hp and id rather give it those resistances than make it tankier


I use Vexus around 5300-5600 trophies.
Love him, but he does need a bit more attention.
I like Instant Null.
I’d rather have Pinning than Cautious. I actually use it all the time.
No delay on the swoop would be nice. I think someone brought it up in a recent post.
There’s so many things that are immune/resistant to bleed… it’d be awesome to be a bit more effective at bleeding the things that aren’t. I’ve had it happen many times where I swap into a Tryko, Dio, etc and wanted to avoid the counter and/or Invincibility, thinking “man, it’d be cool to have swoop available T1.”
And I don’t want cleansing swoop, either. A lot of times, that’d put the next in line in danger.


I agree with you but this isn’t a good argument. Literally every new creature gets moves out of nowhere, component accuracy barely matters now

Magnatator is in a similar boat with its resistances too, and that is a fierce-cunning

still, that would be more of a nerf than a buff, and plus none of vexus’s counterparts have a crit increase ability