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Pterovexus updated moveset


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Swap in Wound must stay and NR+DI would be better than NI+DR. I’m also not sure if Lethal Swoop wouldn’t be better than Cleansing one


Why cleansing swoop when its immune?

Because it cleanses pin caused by Swap in Wound/Evasion

No. If we’re changing anything give it leathal swoop, this would actually be a great idea. Cleansing swoop is 100% useless on the immune 'Vexus.


the only changes I would make are: nullifying impact => nullifying Rampage; 5% => 20% (crit); 4,140 => 3,900 (health)

No it is not, it cleanses the pin as soon as you swap in, leading to an instant swap out rather than having to wait a turn; giving to option of staying and fighting or instantly swapping out.


ok i can agree with you, but i do want to keep cleansing swoop as it gives you more of an option

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Maybe give it revenge nullifying rampage for the lols

That way it can be both a good swappy boi AND a decent closer too

No, just now. I like vexus now, you just made it worse. It’s swap in Wound is great, and pin/nullify/distract are also fine now. Only things that I agree on are the speed buff and the on escape evasive Strike.

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HP 4200
DMG 1250
SPD 130
CRT 5%


Revenge Nullifying Rampage-Nullify target. Deal 2x damage. D:1 C:1. REVENGE. Nullify target. Deal 2x damage. D:0 C:1

Cleansing Swoop

Distracting Impact

~Swap In Wound
~On Escape Evasive Strike

I agree… Vex is good. No changes needed.


Revenge Distracting Impact would probably be better, since if you go for Revenge Null Rampage, unless you’re revenge-killing, you’re going to take some hefty damage.

On Escape Evasive Stance would probably be more appropriate.

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Pointless. If you want that then use Darex. The only change Vexus could use is the upgrade to Leatal Swoop, it would be a decent upgrade and help with the immune meta. Anything else is a downgrade.

Pointless? Daryx does zero damage on the swap-in. If you used Vexus’ swap-in Wound, then Cleansing Swoop, you’d deal 0.75x the opponent’s health in 2 turns, and KO them on the 3rd turn, and be left with a Vexus that can be swapped in all over again.

It’d also help if you know you can only survive one hit from the opponent, or if you find yourself in a bad matchup, so you can Swoop turn 1.

If you have a low health dino to swoop to, that’s huge. You could develop a whole strategy where as soon as the dino next in line from Vexus is low on health, you swap Vexus in, then Swoop out to use Vexus again later.

Lethal Swoop is obviously also good, but less versatile.

Changing Swoop to Cleansing Swoop would not be a downgrade.

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Finally someone understands

I use Vexus just fine now, I don’t really like the Cleansing swoop idea. I still say leathal swoop. Isn’t cleansing swoop weaker than the regular swoop?

It does 0.05 more damage, but for 2 turns instead of 3.

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Not to mention if the creature coming in has a swap-in, like even MORE bleed or stunning strike