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Pterovexus VS Poukandactylus (JWA Battles #23)

Finally back to these… after forever…

Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve done these so, the way the game is played, I compare the combatants to see which wins in a fight to the de- ok, not always ending like that.

Anyway, I won’t spoil the last one so go read that one if ya haven’t already.

To avoid spoiling results, I’m not going to show the sizes of these creatures until the verdict. I will, however, give you a brief summary of the creatures’ skills.

Since these guys are smaller, I’ll put them in a 3 flock battle, which does change the normal verdict.

Who are you rooting for?
  • Pterovexus
  • Poukandactylus

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Pterovexus is one of the larger dimorphodon-like pterosaurs. Despite that, they are still pretty fast, and, together, can be vicious hunters. It’s a bit like getting swarmed by flies with teeth and claws for large dinosaurs. Their weaknesses, however, can be exploited in a fight. While they described as intelligent, they are still on a smaller side, despite being bigger in their group, overall making them highly dangerous and intelligent but size does matter here.

JWA_PressKit_Poukandactylus (2)


One of the larger eagles, they are extremely fast, has powerful claws, and thanks to their pterosaur ancestry, a powerful beak. Together, multiple claw swipes can cause a lot of blood loss for larger animals. They also have experience with fighting other sky creatures, but do have weaknesses. They, most likely, usually fly solo, so it’ll be hard for them to work together here. As well, they only have their feet as weapons, overall being a great aerial fighter, but not a good teamworker.


A pterovexus and poukandactylus clash in the sky, swiping at each other with their claws, with poukan occasionally pecking. Another of these 2 are seen biting each other mid-air, while another group crashed to the ground.

It seems to have gotten real here. The poukans screech with the vexus’ covering their non-existent ears. One flies to a poukan during this, and scratches his face. That was a mistake…

The poukans begin to gang up on the vexus, but the other two take take their own poukans out the battlefield for their own duel. The two remaining birds stare each other down before vexus flies off, with poukan taking after him.

The camera cuts to a poukan grabbing a vexus to slam him into a tree, making the vex fall. The poukan flies away, but the vex gets up and flies back after the poukan and biting his back, making a crash for the ocean.

The camera then cuts to the third pair in the clouds and clashing the best they can, before poukan gains the upper hand and throws vex away, however vex catches his balance and flies to bite poukan’s wing, damaging it, and forcing him to retreat to the ground, with vex, of course, taking off after him.

Back to the first group, these two are clashing, but poukan pecks vex, forcing vex to the ground. Poukan then picks up vex and smashes him against a rock, knocking out Vex #1.

With the second pair making a crash for the ocean, they get into an aerial stuggle that ends with vex biting and throwing poukan into the ocean, ending Poukan #2.

The third pair can be seen on ground now, with their remaining buddies coming in. The two pairs fly towards each other, and gets into a cartoon cloud with the action involving clawing, pecking, and biting, until eventually one poukan falls out the cloud, knocked out.

The final poukan, now very unhappy with these turn out events, bites a vexus back, and bites down hard enough for a crack to be heard, but the second one bites poukan’s back, but the force isn’t enough.

The biten vex claws the poukan’s face, this time actually blinding an eye, but the poukan isn’t playing around and bites even harder, causing the vex to actually drop.

The final, still latched vex, hangs on, but the poukan has had enough and comedicially backs into a tree, causing the vex to actually fall and be knocked out.

Poukan then screeches loud enough for the entire forest to hear.


Closer battle than normal, but let’s get this out the way first, we have to acknowledge that poukandactylus is, despite being a bit smaller, is a bit stronger thanks to its claws and beak. They’d be durable to tank even 3 on one. Pterovexus would have realtively weak claws and bites, and they rely on their size and speed to take down their prey normally, while the eagles are more than capable of doing that normally. Overall, the vexes would be annoying for our eagles to handle, but, no matter how long it takes, they’d come out on top more times than not, making the winner poukandactylus!



Agree or disagree with the results? Feel free to debunk in the comments, and stay tuned for the next battle, that, hopefully, won’t take forever to come.

Next Time



Which one wins?

Aquilamimus VS Ovilophosaurus


These are always entertaining reads I love them,oh how I wish I could animate this… wish I even knew how lol. seeing as poukan would have more lethal weapons i was imagining it had a better chance at winning, 3v3 definitely through me off guard tho but glad to see the flying cassowary won
Cant wait for the next fight, I’m rooting for the sunflower dandelion cockatiel boi just because of favoritism, the competitor looks like a newborn penguin but as a dinosaur it’s weird to me

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