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Public/Private Clans change and invite new members

@Marcus @Ned

I’m a leader in a clan and tried to invite someone in, but because of the daily LIMIT we now have to wait. I think that if a clan leader is INVITING someone into the clan that they should not have to wait.
Of course this is a problem because my clan (which I took over for someone else) is Public and some random person will probably fill the spot before the time is up. It would be really appreciated if Clans could change from Public to Private. Plus be able to change clan names.
It was also brought to my attention that joining a clan sometimes glitches and fails and you sometimes have to try multiple times but the Limit still counts. Please fix.

Thank you. I look forward to seeing this changed.

Hello @KyriaDrakkina,

Thank you for the suggestions! I will share this with our team.