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Pulled an all nighter....worth it!


So given as we had 48 attempts at the commons this week and Gallimimus was available and really wanted to try and get enough DNA to create its hybrid.
Well the 1st day I didnt have anytime to dart a single dino.
The 2nd day I couldn’t start hunting them until 8pm so about 4 hours later after driving all over town and finding new back roads I’ve never been to but apparently was a hot spot for event drops, I gathered just enough DNA for this…


I came so close, but only to level 13. Congrats :slight_smile:


Grats!!! I ran around getting V-raptor to upgrade my Indom another level. Just had enough I was so happy.


Congrats! I only got to dart 2 from a distance, didn’t get a chance to hit a park this week… Should’ve taken a page from your book!


Got mine about the same way! Didn’t have to go as late, but needed all 48 attempts and an average of 250 DNA per attempt to get there. Took forever but really happy to have this little speedster on my team! :slight_smile:


Haha very nice! I totally would go out longer at night but my family is against me walking outside alone in the dark and I have nobody to go with me. Sad life. My gallimimus is only lvl 5.


Wow, big congratulations. Must be a nice Legendary.

My Gallimimus only reached LV 10, but I haven’t used all attempts … just wasn’t active enough. Well, I don’t have enough Monos anyway.


Hopefully it becomes a common in the wild and not just a arena exclusive so we can get more DNA to level it up for those of us lucky enough to have it and so everyone not so lucky can finally create it.