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Pulling a Nedry

Its a new phrase i invented, its based on Dennis Nedry stealing embryos to send to dodgeson on the East dock, here pulling a Nedry is to join a guild aka alliance, wait till monday to cash in on the weekly incubator, cash it out then bail.


Before joining an alliance, please dont pull a Nedry if you want to keep friends.

Hahaha… that’s funny. I hope the phrase catches on. Not the action. The action should lead to a suspension.

HOWEVER… the odds of that happening are a little dismal at the moment.


Suspention no but history can lead to black listing by other guilds.


Pulling a Nedry ruins your reputation in the future to join other guilds, aka alliances.

Its like joining a guild in mmos using to get gear not contribute and bail.

Minor annoyance but…
Why the “Guilds AKA alliances”?
Why not just “Alliances”?

Hmm now I’m glad we actually have a name for that

I don’t understand the point. What if you find an10/10 alliance why would you leave? Seems like a bad idea for you and wouldn’t affect the 10/10 alliance other than opening a position for someone who wants to play.

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I actually keep an eye on new members and if they don’t contribute during the week I pull a reverse Nedry and kick’em Sunday night.


We’ve been doing the same.

Typical symptoms are appearing and just sitting idle for EVERYTHING

Where’s Nedry!?

Check the vending machines!!


The dilophosarus is waiting hence kharma.

Its a for someone who joins the alliance for personal gain and never contributes only to bail on the weekly incubatar. And never contributes prior.

To join an alliance, not contribute, wait till monday and cash out weekly incubator and bail. Ya pulled a Nedry.

Was that directed at me?
I was referring to the “AKA guilds” part.
Everyone who plays JWA knows what an alliance is. LOL