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Punishing Player for Success?

Win a bigger chest wait 16 hours to open the chest. My time is worth more than that, this is supposed to be FUN, a game. Your generation is making money, but why do games have to be like life? I play games to escape that. Competition is good but so is taking a break from the rigors of life. Why not just make this a game about paying your rent to an evil landlord? As you progress you live in a better apartment higher in the building and you pay higher and higher rent. That sounds like fun, my player class would be accountant. ( I’m already developing this game don’t try to steal it). My point is why keep playing if you are going to penalize me for every success. I was happy I won until I saw the chest takes 16 hours to open. I don’t have that much time, I book my free time hourly rate much higher than what I get paid at work. I dumped other games when I saw it was taking longer and longer to build a building, I don’t play games to delay gratification, that is what life is for.

You don’t have to watch the timer count down. You can walk away for a few hours or use gems. You progress isn’t halted by waiting for a chest to open.


I can loose more gems? Fantastic, or I can walk away…still waiting…not getting to play…or they could just make the wait for all chests the same amount of time no matter what level you attain. It’s a pain in the ass. Do you understand that part? I’m not siting there watching the timer count down. And yes I might be able to play some other aspects of the game, “grind” but they are still PUNISHING YOU FOR ATTAINING HIGHER LEVELS BY WAITING LONGER TO OPEN A CHEST, WHY 16 HOURS IT’S RIDICULOUS.

I get it @FearOneThing you’re impatient. If they ever get around to launching some type of tournaments then maybe they should introduce lock picks as one of the prizes to speed up chest timers? They could be a good addition to the game. Make 'em hard to get so you save em for those few good chests you get but you still have to wait out most of the timers. It’s better to offer up a reasonable solution than just complaints.

Can’t wait till you get a glorious chest to drop, they take all day.

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I’m not sure how you are getting punished for getting free stuff? You can still play PvP. The longer the chest timer, way better chance of getting a legendary. I’m in Arena 7 and getting there have gotten 3 18 hour and 1 24 hour . All have contained Legendary. Bravo if you have gotten more than that. I get excited when I see one, but that’s me.

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I’m not impatient, why should I wait longer for a chest as the game progresses?

So YOUR TIME is free?

Clash Royale uses the exact same timer system for chests. 3,6,12 and 24 hours depending on the tier. I’m gonna assume that many other games follow this format.

CLASH ROYALE also adds:

When you advance to a new tier in ladder they give you 50% increase in speed to open these chests for 24 hours per tier increase. Meaning, here, if you climbed from Arena 4 to 5, you earn a 24 hour speed bump. This bonus is once per season (roughly 30 days).

Climbing ladder also rewards players with random cards, gold, gems; in our case, gear, gold, gems, etc. (Same as above, once per season, roughly 30 days).

When each season resets it bumps you down to a certain value dependent on your total score. Meaning, if you’re in Arena 6 with a score of 1857, upon reset you may get bumped to Arena 5 with 1500 points and you instantly accrue all arena awards/bonuses from Levels 1 through 5. Then you can earn the higher awards/bonuses as you climb the new season ladder.

Also, they don’t drastically differentiate between F2P and P2P. Free Players earn the same as Paid however the paid structure on Clash Royale awards the players with unlimited event entries. Everyone can buy the same stuff.

Now all the above is a different game. Nonetheless I enjoy that game better than here because:

  1. Ladder/PVP is based on skill and you pick your lineup.

  2. They have events that are draft, meaning, you can pick a card for yourself and give the other player a different card. May not be applicable here but I’m sharing this notion because the majority really dislike being forced to play random comps since the comps are rarely equally balanced. You can tell its GG here when you see both comps lol.

I can go on but, at the end of the day, this is their app/game. We can offer ideas, complain, rave, bit we are their guests. If we want to make them listen we can do one of two things:

  1. What we’ve been doing for the past while. Which kind of goes unnoticed for the most part.
  2. People who spend money, stop spending money outright until you are happy with what you want to be made more “fair” for the global community. Running a game/app isn’t cheap. So they can either shut it down or return on investment. And it’s the players with money that will make the most difference.

I’m not a guest when I pay to play. I’m a client. I know games cost to run, but they could make the game fun, instead of such a grind. Anyone could make a game fun instead of a pain in the butt.

This game isn’t pay to play. The timers are on par with every other game that uses a chest prize format.


I disagree. The devs do listen to our complaints, and they’ve made VIP membership more worthwhile (by taking more away from the f2p players) while there were many complaints about it.
The only thing I find a shame is that making VIP membership worthwhile by taking away the free players’ joy. That is what is making this game truly Pay to Play, not even Pay to Win… I don’t mind the grind, because this game has a clear ending, and when I reach it, I will uninstall and move on, but at this moment I don’t like the way this game is evolving with the greed (it is also not future-proof and might become a gimmick or something)…


Apparently someone has never truly played DnD if you’re whining about the grind, guess what? It’s an RPG, guess what RPGs are famous for? Surprise! GRINDING


I’d have to disagree.

Grinding is about sacrificing time doing repetitive tasks for progression. Yes… there is that, but, in general, there isn’t much grind.

Aside from PvP (which many just don’t like) the only other thing that can be ground are dungeons. The only way to continually grind them is by intentionally quitting before winning, but that only grinds XP. If you grind the entire dungeon, you can quickly get to the point where you can’t even beat the first room. At that point, there is no longer a grind.

There are just time gates. If you consider running a challenge and a free chest every 4 hours ‘grinding’ then so be it.

So, in short, f2p players can’t really even grind. They simply have to wait it out.

Perhaps this is part of the reason there are so few PvP players left.


Grinding: Fighting the same monsters or running the same dungeons over and over again for either EXP, or an extremely rare and powerful drop.

Pay2Play: Not being able to do much of anything in a game at all unless you spend more real money because of constant paywalls and onerous timesinks inserted into a game by developers.

Let’s talk D&D, which I have played since it was five small and thin books in a little cardboard box. You know, before the A was put in front of D&D.

If this was truly D&D and grinding as some have opined in this thread, then a typical pen and paper D&D session would have gone like this:

DM: You have slain the might Kobold King!

Players: Woot! Gold, loot, and EXP time!

DM: You each receive 12 EXP!

Players: Wait, what? After all of that? I still need 4375 more EXP to get to L5! Does this mean I won’t level up until next year?

DM: You each receive 26 Gold!

Players: Wait, what? He’s the King, right? How can I afford to buy gear like this?

DM: You receive 5 different parts of different gear!

Players: Wait, what? What the heck are we supposed to do with parts of a sword?

DM: The Bard now has enough parts to upgrade his Magical Lute! If you upgrade your Lute, you’ll gain 500 EXP, and can level up to L3!

Bard: Woot! L3 finally! Let’s upgrade that sucker!

DM: That will be 1000 gold pieces.

Bard: But I don’t have that much gold! I won’t have that much gold at this rate until next week sometime. Dude!

DM: Never fear! Give me $5, and I’ll grant you 1,000 gold.

Players: What the heck Bob? You want us to pay you?

Bard: Screw it, I need to level up. Here. Take it, you greedy jerk.

(Throws $5 at DM in disgust)

DM: Congratulations! You now have enough EXP to level up. That will be 1,000 gold.

Bard: I hate you Bob! Here’s another $5, you greedy bloodsucker. I hope you choke on it!

DM: Congratulations, you’re now a L3 Bard!

(Players all flip off the DM)

DM: But wait! There is a chest hidden over here.

Players: Woot! Fat loots!

Bard: If there is 1,000 gold in that chest, I’m going to punch you in the head, Bob…

DM: The chest is locked.

Players: Doh! How do we unlock it?

Thief: I have lock picks as an accessory item!

DM: No, those aren’t real lock picks. They’re just a stereotypical accessory item that don’t really do anything but give you some stats.

Players: Okay, so how do we open this thing?

DM: You can open the lock in 3 days.

Players: Three days? Seriously? Isn’t there a way to open this faster?

DM: Of course there is! Give me $10.

Players: Screw you Bob! We’ll wait the three days you greedy jerk.

DM: Your choice.

Players: Let’s run another dungeon!

DM: Sorry, that was your only free dungeon of the night.

Players: What? That adventure only lasted 29 minutes dude. What do you mean by free anyways?

DM: I only run one dungeon per session for free. Although I could run another one for 1,000 gold.

Players: You know we can’t afford that with the paltry amount of gold you’ve been giving us.

DM: No problem. That will be $5.

(Exit scene as players shove Bob’s pocket protector down his throat)

Yes, this game is P2P. It has very little grinding. If one were to just grind for EXP to level up, it would take weeks, and even then you’d still not have enough gold to upgrade gear or level up.

DM: (Screaming in pain). Wait! If you give me all of your personal info that I can sell to this guy named Guido over in the food court, I’ll give you special gems to buy the gold with!

(Players kick him harder)

DM: What about if you sign up for this Butt Tattoo of the Week club? It’s only $10/wk and I’ll give you enough special gems to buy 10,000 gold!

(Bob is left a bloody mess sprawled over his graph paper maps and loaded dice.)

Players: Let’s go waste our money at the arcade instead of this crap. You coming Fred?

(Fred takes back his money from Bob)

Bard: Coming guys!

(Fade to black)

This isn’t D&D or grinding kids!


I loved that. Thank you.

I also played with the original three books… you know… just basic rules and everything else left the imagination.


Great the timers are on par…You have excepted this, I have not. Why must I wait progressively 16 hours when 3 hours was fine before? Because I’ve gone up a level?

I have t played at the higher tiers, but i assumes the wait times were the same for a tier.

However, sometimes you get a much better chest drop. Better chest, longer timer.

I’ve gotten one 12-hour chest and several 8-hours. Most of them are 3-hour.

So, I think it isn’t getting worse with progression, but that you’ve just gotten a rarer and better chest drop.

But, as I said… I haven’t played at those levels, so a I can easily be mistaken.


I was playing at tier 4 with a 16 hour chest drop. So the better the chest the longer you have to wait?

Yes you have 3 hour, 8 hour, 12 hour, 18 hour and 24 hour. The longer wait chests have more gear and more likely to have rare, epic and legendary items.


There’s an interactive infographic that tells you the contents of all the chests.

Adventure menu -> battle submenu. There’s an <i> on the top right (under the 24 hr chest/gold reward).

That lists all the arena tiers. Within that infographic, there’s another <i> on the top left corner of each chest for the arena tiers, which list the rewards for each chest in the tiers.