Purchase confirmation

Lots of necro posts on this subject so, no need to resurrect them for fear they’ll just be flagged…

Guys… add a “Are you sure you would like to make this purchase” on your purchased screen. Accidentally purchased an incubator earlier today because of laggy scroll screen… which I’m sure will be rectified but, these types of things are totally avoidable.


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Ludia literally added blood to the game the same time google and apple required apps that targeted kids to add confirmation buttons.

Be great if they did but this is a common issue with almost all their games.

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Yes, and apparently by design. :unamused:

How long does it take to at least, credit someone their in-game cash back?!? Still waiting…

Ludia’s profit mostly comes from scamming people by making op dinosaurs only to nerf them a couple of updates later and then make another new op dinosaur and so on so forth.

So I’m not surprised they don’t put a confirmation screen for purchasing.

However I do hope they give you your money back.

I’m not sure you even will get a refund, if I’m honest. I think people here have contacted them in the past after they’ve done the same thing, and they’ve refused to refund them the in-game cash? I could be wrong, but I’m sure I’ve seen complaints about it.

I know it’s also a problem when leveling certain dinos, and they definitely don’t refund those.

Yeah in they past they used to stick behind their lack of back end system and say they “couldn’t”

But I think it comes down to they’d have to track to see if you spent/used any coins/dna/hard cash from a bundle.

Like I know if you dispute a charge from them they will zero out all your hard cash… not just the cash from that charge.

Very unethical company. Long story short… no, they’re not going to do anything about it.